Jan 062018

How to make money from home online


Are you looking for a legitimate way to make money online from home ?

If you are unemployed, underemployed, retired, a veteran or just need some extra money to make ends meet –  there is a place where you can EARN while you LEARN and its FREE to join.

There is something for everyone at Wealthy Affiliate –  it is the real deal, there are no gimmicks, no up-sells and you won’e be left to figure things out for yourself.  

You can get get started for  free with no credit card required! 

Take a few minutes and look at the course descriptions and see how much you can learn with 10 free lessons in each course.




WAIT !  

I know what your thinking – its just another scam – you have been here before and you have wasted enough time and money on them.  Your  tired of getting screwed by all of these useless sites that tell you that you can make money online, then fall short in delivering all their promises.

This is different,

I’ve been a premium member with Wealthy Affiliate for 5 years –  come with me, it will only take a few minutes, and  check it out for yourself – 

You having nothing to lose, and everything to gain.




Remember I also said that you can EARN while you LEARN?

  At  Wealthy Affiliate you can earn commissions with your FREE  Starter Membership ( no credit card required)!



  • Starter Members earn $4 for special offer referrals, then $11.75 monthly and $87.50 yearly commissions.
  • Premium Members earn $8 for the first month $19 special offer, then $23.50 thereafter

It may not sound like much but it adds up – and if you think about it – where else can you earn commissions as a free member?


You are not alone in this journey with Wealthy Affiliate

Not only  do you get training, but you also get the tools and support  to succeed.  


This is not one of those places where you are left to figure it out by yourself –

there are REAL PEOPLE – in the community that will help and support you, in the owners who are active in the community, behind the scenes in technical support.     

You wont be left stranded with nowhere to go, no where to turn,  and no one  one to help you .


If you have the need or the desire to stop looking for how to make money from home online,  and want to start doing it then lets get started – you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.




EMAIL ME ANY QUESTIONS/ CONCERNS, I’M HERE TO HELP YOU !   kerri@createuronlinebiz.com    

Nov 262017


FAQ’s for Wealthy Affiliate (WA)


I have  been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2013, while things have change over the years ( for the better), I still see the same questions being asked from new comers, so I thought I would write a quick post to cover some of them here. 


How do I get started? 

To get started in WA go to the main menu on the left and click the “Get Started Here”    button.



How much do the lessons cost?

The first level of Getting Started and the first phase of Bootcamp  are FREE!

If you upgrade to premium all the lessons come with the upgrade, as well as all the other features of premium… you don’t have to pay separately for the lessons.

>If you want a domain name, that is not included in the premium membership, you will have to purchase one from someplace like Name Cheap ( they are about $10.00 / year). You can either get one now  or wait it is up to you, you do not have to buy a domain to get started.


How to find training:

Getting Started and Bootcamp are the two main training’s, go to the main menu on the left and click on them.

I would start with the “Get Started ” course, you can switch over to the “Boot Camp” in lesson 3 if you want to promote Wealthy Affiliate.  


What do I do next?

Follow the lessons . . .

The lessons are laid out, step by step, and there are tasks you need to complete at the end of each lesson.

If you don’t do the tasks, you are only hurting yourself and your business.  To get the most out of the lessons, do all the tasks and click them off when they are done.

* If you are not able to keep track of where you leave off, then go back and make sure you have all the tasks clicked off, the lessons won’t keep up with you unless you do this.


 How do I keep track of my training?

At the end of the lesson,  you will see   “Your Tasks”  box …

Do the tasks, and check them off as you go, both Getting Started and Boot Camp have smart buttons that will take you back to where you left off. 


How do I go back to a previous training?

You can go back to any lesson, anytime.  It is okay to go back and redo them, as many times as you need to.

  •  If you are doing the Get Started courses, scroll down to “Training” and look for these links, in the Menu.

Find the level you were on and click on it, then find the lesson you  want to review. 


  • If  you are doing the Bootcamp scroll down to “Affiliate Program” and look for these links in the menu.

When you find the phase you were on click it, then find the lesson you want to review. 


How do I get help ?

The search bar in WA is a great tool – you can find Training, Blogs,  Questions and more …


You can also go to the “Ask a Question” box  


How do I find my account?

To find your account click on your profile icon ( top right side of the screen above the Live Chat box)

The last icon will be where you find your profile… your’s will look different.

Your profile pic will be where my sunset over the ocean picture is in the example above

or it will be    if you haven’t uploaded a picture yet
Click on Account Settings


How do I cancel my WA membership

You can cancel anytime…. but hold on a minute.

You have all the training, tools, services and support you need here, if you have a question or are stuck there are several ways to get help…

~ Live Chat

~ Activity board

~ Search bar

~ Private Message ( PM) – premium member’s 

Don’t give up – reach out…

If you’re  within the 7 days, why not go through the lessons – they are free!

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

But if you really want to quit, you can go to your profile page, and account settings and cancel your membership anytime.

If you are a Free starter member there is nothing to cancel – just log out.


Things to avoid:

These are a few things I have found not to do over the years, and would like to pass them on to you.

1) Rushing through the lessons

2) Skipping  parts of the lessons, and or sections of them

3) Not doing the tasks at the end of the lesson

4) Struggling on your own when you have access to help

5) Not taking advantage of the SEARCH BAR

6) Not giving it a fair shot, if you want it, you have to put in the time and effort. You have all the Training, Tools, and services, support you need, all you have to add is time and effort


I hope this overview helped answer some of your initial questions, and got you acquainted with how to get around WA, especially where to go for help …  everything you need to succeed is here, all you have to bring is the determination, time and effort and you will get there. 

If your not a member yet why not take a chance and check it out, its FREE and a chance to finally find a legitimate place to earn while you learn .

Thanks for stopping by, 




EMAIL ME ANY QUESTIONS/ CONCERNS, I’M HERE TO HELP YOU !   kerri@createuronlinebiz.com    

Nov 242017



How to add a widget in WordPress

WordPress Widgets add content and features to your Sidebars.

We will cover how to add a Wealthy Affiliate banner to a sidebar widget in a minute, first let’s take a look at where to find “Widgets” and how to work with them. 

Where do I find a “Widget” 

    First you have to log in to your site:

    Wealthy Affiliate: 


    In the dashboard mouse over ( point to ) “Appearance” and click  “Widgets”


 *  Your’s will look different depending on what theme you are using.  


Example:  This is a small screen shot of the widgets available in the “Suffusion” theme:

This is the left side of the Menu, on the right side there is a column of widgets that you can ADD from the left side:

For example,  I have ” Custom menu” “Recent Posts”, “Text” widgets.



How to add a widget?

Find the widget on the left side, drag and drop it where you want it to go on the right side.

* to drag and drop – left click your mouse on the widget from the left side that you want to add, drag your mouse over to the right side to where you want it to go, to drop it let go of the mouse 


Example:  I want to add a “Calander” widget under the  2 “Custom Menu” widgets.

First:  I left click on the “Calander” widget  (the cursor will turn into a little hand)

now I drag ( hold down the left button)  my mouse to the right.

I want it under the Custom Menu widgets, so I point my mouse to the space between the second “Custom Menu” widget and “Recent Posts” 

( a blank box opens)  like a guide to show you where the widget will be set, when I have the blank box where I want it, I let go of the mouse

The “Calander” widget drops into the blank box.

Click “Save” when you are done.



How to add a Wealthy Affiliate banner into sidebar widget:

    First you have to log in to your site:

   Wealthy Affiliate:

When you login to your site a new tab will open and you will be on your dashboard. Keep the second tab open for the next step. 


In the dashboard mouse over ( point to ) “Appearance” and click  “Widgets”

* Yours will look different depending on the theme you are using

You will be adding the banner to a TEXT widget.  If you don’t have a “Text” widget on the right side, drag and drop one over ( like in the example above with the “Calander” widget) from the left side.


    Go back to the Wealthy Affiliate tab 

 Under the Main Menu Scroll down and click on the “$WA Affiliate Program” link  then click “Banners”

For this example, I chose “this little square will change your life today…”


Copy the HTML code ( left click at the beginning of the code and drag your mouse to the end of the code, and right click “copy”).

      Go back to the widget tab


Click the down arrow to open the “text” box, and paste the code you copied from the banner HTML Code box

When you paste the code it will look like this


Click “SAVE” and you are done.



* I recommend viewing your site and making sure that the banner looks okay, (that it fits in the box, goes with your theme). I would also click on the banner and make sure that it is working correctly.  

~  The first thing that you should check if it is not working right is the HTML code. Make sure you copy the whole thing, and that you don’t have any spaces before or after the code. 

~  If you are still having a problem jump in and ask for help, Wealthy Affiliate has training, tutorials, blogs, a live chat, and an activity board where you can ask a question.

~  Also check out the widget page in WordPress Codex Resources



Some tutorials you may be interested in:

* this is an older video so the main menu looks different now, instead of clicking “stats” like the video, click on the “$WA Affiliate Program” link under the main menu, then click “Banners” 


Thanks for stopping by,


EMAIL ME ANY QUESTIONS/ CONCERNS, I’M HERE TO HELP YOU !   kerri@createuronlinebiz.com    

Nov 232017



Changing the title of your page or post


Changing the title of your page or post after you have published it, is not a good idea. 

If you don’t know what a “Permalink” is and what it does you may be better off leaving it the way it is and remembering in the future to be careful when you are adding a title.

But if you want to try and change it or you find yourself with errors, here are a couple of links to help you out – I have used both of these, and although they are a couple of years old they are very good resources. 





~  If you are still having a problem jump in and ask for help, Wealthy Affiliate has training, tutorials, blogs, a live chat, and an activity board where you can ask a question.


Thanks for stopping by,


EMAIL ME ANY QUESTIONS/ CONCERNS, I’M HERE TO HELP YOU !   kerri@createuronlinebiz.com    

Nov 232017


 Using headings in your pages and posts


Headers are important for both your readers and for google.


Is it enough to just bold your text?


The quick and easy answer is no.  When you make a sentence bold, italic, or a larger font, you are only making it look pretty, and Google ignores them because they are cosmetic.



When you want something to stand out, use an “H” tag to let the search engine know that this “H” (header) is worth paying attention to. 


How do I put Headings in?

When you first start a page or post, you write the title in the “title box” at the top of the page. 



I copy the title from the title box and paste it in the top of the page or post, then click on the “Paragraph” this will open up a new box that has “paragraph, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 “

For the title, you want to use the H1 tag. 


In the example below I am using TinyMCE ( your’s might look a little different depending on what Editor you are using)

Note:  when you use a Header, you DO NOT add a font size.


If you’re not using H tags yet:


Review your pages and post, and add H tags to the pertinent points on each page, don’t  overuse them.

Make sure:

  1. they are utilized correctly
  2. they are relevant
  3. they add to the site
  4. they help the site in terms of ranking



You don’t need to know HTML to add heading tags to your site with WA, but if you’re interested in learning      more check out this link to W3school.com:


Here are some tutorials you may want to check out:





Thanks for stopping by,


 EMAIL ME ANY QUESTIONS/ CONCERNS, I’M HERE TO HELP YOU !   kerri@createuronlinebiz.com    

Nov 222017

How to add a link into pages and posts


A “link” is a highlighted and underlined word or phrase on a page. By clicking a link, you can move to another page or even another website.

Text links are typically blue and underlined, the arrow of your mouse will usually turn into a little hand when you move your cursor over a link.  


 How to add an Affiliate link: 


Putting your wealthy affiliate unique referral link in a page or post

1.  Go to the page or post and find the text you want to make a link or type it in. 

For example:  Become a  Wealthy Affiliate today  

2.  Grab your referral ID

Go to the main page of Wealthy Affiliate,  look under the menu for the heading “Affiliate Program”,  and click on the $ WA Affiliate Program link



 – OR –  click the Airplane Icon on the top right of the main page above Live Chat

* Your Affiliate Link  (or Referral ID) is in the box at the top of the page

Copy  the link in the box, including the unique referral code, I blurred mine out in the example above, (by left-clicking your mouse over the text and dragging it across, then right click the mouse and click “COPY”)

3. Click back on to your page and highlight the text you want to link ( just highlight it  )

4. Click on the  “paper clip” or “link” icon in the editor bar

Delete the pre-typed  http:// that is already in the box

Paste the referral code I just copied into the “URL” box, ( to paste,  right click your mouse in the box and then click “PASTE”)

You can add a title in the “Title” box if you want to

I recommend checking the box for the link to “Open link in a new window/tab”

 5.   Click on the “Add Link” button.

Become a wealthy affiliate today 


 Test your link:

    Make sure that the link is working properly.

Back to the edit page of you page or post, go to the “Publish” box on the right and click on  “UPDATE”  and  then click on “PREVIEW”

This will open your page or post and you can see what your visitors will see when they are on your page or post. Find the link that you just made and click on it…

Does it open up to where you want it to go, does it open in a new tab or page?

  If it opens correctly you are good to go. 

  If the link doesn’t work, or you get an error, check for these three things.

First make sure you copied the whole code, no spaces before or after, and that your unique referral id is there

Second check that there isn’t anything in front of the code you pasted ( i.e %20 // ) has been known to creep into the front of my code when I do not copy and paste the link correctly. If there is something in front of the URL, delete it, click “Add Link” and go back and check the link again. 

Third make sure that if you are copying a URL that when you paste it there are not two http:// in the code.  The box where you paste your link has a pre-typed http:// already in there, if you are copying a web address there is another one in front of the URL. 


I want to link  My Wealthy Affiliate,  to  https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com. I copy the URL, highlight the text, and click on the link button

http:// is pre-typed in the URL box when I paste the URL into the box

now I have two  http:// and the link won’t work 

* Delete the first http:// ( the one on the left)  and leave the one that was part of the URL you copied.  Click  “Add Link”  and  then go back and click “Update” and “Preview” to check the link again and make sure it’s working.


Editing links 

You can make a link    or you unlink or break a link   

You can change where the link is on your page or post ( in a sentence, indented, with a bullet)  the family font, font size and the color of the text using the editor bar.

Become a wealthy affiliate today and learn how to build your own online business.


*  I recommend changing the color of the text link to blue  It sets the link apart from the rest of the text and is a universal signal that it is a link.  I wouldn’t try to hide it or make it look the same as the rest as the text because it will be harder, or even impossible for you visitors to pick it out as a link.




Thanks for stopping by, 


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Nov 192017


Work from home jobs for veterans 


First I want to thank you for your service.

This site is about reaching out to all Veterans past and present who are looking for a way to make money online…

Unfortunately, many veterans have a hard time finding a job when they get out of the military, or they can’t get a good job.  

Although working from home may not be something you thought of doing, I would like to take just a minute and show you a place that teaches you how to build your own online business.

No experience necessary:

You don’t need computer skills, or need to know how to build a website; you don’t even have to know what kind of business you want. 

Wealthy affiliate takes you step by step:  From the beginner who needs simple, easy to follow directions – to someone who already has a website, who needs help promoting it, getting traffic and sales.

Everyone can benefit from the training, tools, and support at Wealthy Affiliate. 



 Free Starter Membership ( $0.00) and no credit card needed!

You get 20 free lessons:

10 in the Get Started courses and 10 in the Bootcamp for FREE!  

And you get the tools and support for 7 days (including live chat, and access to the activity board where you can ask questions and get help). 


Amazing Support 

No more joining a program that gives you nothing, where you are bombarded with upsells, and false promises, and left to figure it out on your own. 

Kyle and Carson are in the front lines of WA, as co-owners they are not only two real people who are hands on, and available, they genuinely care about each and every member. They are very active and can be seen in the community, on Live Chat, they respond to posts on the activity board, they respond to PM, and they create a top notch, very reliable and very knowledgeable support team that you can contact 24/7 and get an answer.

The Community:  Is like nothing you have ever seen. There is no place else where you are going to find a community of like-minded people who are willing and able to help you along your journey.  When you have a question, or a problem there are several ways to get help. Reach out to the community and you will find people who genuinely care about you and your success…… we all help, support and encourage each other.

Live Chat:  Members come from all over the world, you can jump on live chat anytime day or night when you have a question, need help, or just want to say hello and meet other members.  It is real time and real people.

Activity Board: Is a place where you can ask a question, and the whole community will see it on the board and be able to help you. 

PM: Private messaging, is available to premium members and allows you to send a message to another premium member.

Wa Support: The Wealthy Affiliate support team is amazing, I have only had a few occasions to need them, and have had nothing but good experiences with them.

One time I had an issue with my editor while I was working on my website. I send in a support ticket and they had it fixed TEN MINUTES! I am not kidding, at the time I was on Live Chat waiting and saw Kyle as I was asking him about it, I got a PM that the issue had been resolved – and it was.


I am here to help you! 

Thank you again for your service.


Thanks for stopping by, 



Start your journey today! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain:

EMAIL ME ANY QUESTIONS/ CONCERNS, I’M HERE TO HELP YOU !   kerri@createuronlinebiz.com    

Nov 192017

Visual Editor Not Showing Up In WordPress



You’re working on your site, everything is going along, then all of a sudden you can’t see anything – it’s blank, but when you click on the “text” tab it’s all there. 

Don’t panic, this has happened to me a couple of times, the first time it was because of a plugin, the second time I had to clear my cache. 

There is a great tutorial written by a fellow WA member to help you sort it out.


Troubleshooting Visual Editor Not Showing Up in WordPress


Thanks for stopping by, 


EMAIL ME ANY QUESTIONS/ CONCERNS: I AM HERE TO HELP YOU!   kerri@createuronlinebiz.com

Nov 182017





A NICHE is a group of people looking for stuff- it’s that simple. 

Don’t let it intimidate you or scare you into thinking that you can’t choose a good one. 

Billions of people search for things every day, almost anything you can think of is a niche, and you can earn money online from every niche. 


There is NO SUCH THING as choosing the wrong niche.

When choosing a niche think about your interests, hobbies, passion, a problem, a want, or a need.

Basing your niche on something you are interested in, enjoy working with,  will make it more exciting and you will be more productive.



Success online at the core is a 4 step process.


 A Quick Look at How YOU Will Be Creating Success


Let’s break it down: 

Step 1:   Choose an Interest 

Step 2:   Build Your Website

Step 3:   Get rankings in search engines (leads to traffic)

Step 4:   Earn $$$ from your traffic

As you go through the training, this will all be covered in detail,  Wealthy Affiliate has EVERYTHING you need to succeed online all in one place.


Don’t waste days / weeks trying to find the perfect niche.  Spend 15-30 minutes tops thinking about your passions, hobbies, interests… 

 If you want to promote Wealthy Affiliate, or you can’t think of a niche I would suggest doing the Get Started training first and after course 3 switching over to the Bootcamp.


The most important thing is to choose a niche that you like.  

You will be spending a lot of time with your niche, writing content, communicating within your niche, choosing products to promote within  your niche, helping people, proving them with a product/ service…   If you don’t like your Niche it will be harder and more like a JOB that you don’t like and hate going to everyday.   

Your first niche probably won’t be your last, so don’t spend too much time trying to find the ‘perfect niche’. Any niche can become a full-time business, but you should find one that you “like” because if you don’t you may find yourself, stuck and frustrated.

* Note: changing your niche is not a bad thing, we grow as we learn, so if you find that the niche you chose is not working, don’t be afraid to change it. 


* Helpful Hint:

When you are first starting out, I would not try to build two sites. You may have more than one idea for a niche, but you should hold off on trying to build them both at the same time. It is better to focus and put all your time and attention into one site than dividing it all into two websites. 

No matter what Niche you choose, or if you need help choosing a Niche Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the training, tools, services, and support you need to build your own online business.



Thanks for stopping by, 



EMAIL ME ANY QUESTIONS/ CONCERNS: I AM HERE TO HELP YOU!   kerri@createuronlinebiz.com

Nov 052017

Going back to go forward, stick to the training!


If you get stuck, loose your way, just feel like you aren’t getting anywhere —– go back to the training.

Going back may  help you find your way again… it may seem like you are wasting time, or that you are going back instead of forward.  But if you find yourself stalled or stopped in your progress, sometimes going back is the nudge that you need to get out of the rut… and move forward.

You are putting in a lot of time and effort, but if you aren’t’ getting anywhere – you are wasting it.



You can go back anytime…


Get Started Courses:

The Get Started Here smart button will bring you back to where you left off if you check off all the tasks as you go through the lesson.

If you want to go back to an earlier lesson / or course ….. here is how you can do it:


Let’s say that the last lesson you did was in the Online Entrepreneur Certification/ Course 3.

You can go back by clicking on the “Get Started Here” button, 

At the top, you will see a bar with shows you where you are in the lessons:

* Click on the Online Entrepreneur Certification link:

   and a menu will drop down:

Click on the level you want to go back to and go through the lesson.


* Click on the Course  link,  and it will take you to the main page of the course

You can do this with any of the courses/ and lessons. 


OR –

You can go down to the Training heading under the main menu:


   * Click on the Classrooms link

 * Click on the “Certification Courses” link 



You can go back to any  Classroom / or Level at any time.

I recommend taking your time and going through them thoroughly, and doing the tasks again.  A second rush through them is not going to help you, if you missed something you are more likely to catch it if you go through them again, slowly.



The Bootcamp smart button will  also bring you back to where you left off if you check off all the tasks as you go through the lessons.

You can also go back anytime and go over a lesson

At the topyou will see a bar with shows you where you are in the lessons:


* Click on the Affiliate Bootcamp link

   and a menu will drop down:


* Click on the Course link,  and it will take you to the main page of the course:

In this example you are on  Affiliate Bootcamp / Course 1:

when you click on the link on the top it takes you to the main page of that course

OR –

You can go down to the Affiliate Program heading under the main menu:


Click on the phase you want to go back to, and go over the lesson again.



Remember you see more the second time around, so take your time and go through it slow, do all the tasks, and don’t skip ahead. 

Going back to go forward is not wasting your time, and it is not keeping you from getting to be where you want to go – in some cases it is a push in the right direction, and will UNSTICK you.


Thanks for stopping by, 



EMAIL ME ANY QUESTIONS/ CONCERNS, I’M HERE TO HELP YOU !   kerri@createuronlinebiz.com    

Nov 042017


 One of the best tools at WA is the search bar


It sits at the top of the page, a white bar that asks if you need help. Some don’t know it’s there, some forget and some don’t utilize the power of it.


The Search Bar:


It’s like striking gold when you start typing,  and a list of TRAINING’S, BLOG’S,  and QUESTIONS, from other members  drops down.

Just about anything you can think of is covered,  but if you can’t find what you’re looking for  ask a question.

               Scroll down to the bottom and type your question in the box.



More ways to get help:


“Live Chat” located in right hand corner


“Pen Icon” located on the top tool bar above the chat box – question’s will show up on activity board.


Click on the “PEN”  icon and a drop down opens up



Click on “Ask a Question and a drop down box opens


Within the lessons

There is a box  at the end of every lesson where you can leave a comment, and ask a question. 




Helpful hints:

* Remember the old saying:   “The only stupid question is the one unasked”

  Try and be specific as you can be when asking a question, put in details.  The more specific you are the easier it will be for the community to answer you.

Jumping in and asking questions is good, but remember the SEARCH BAR in your tool belt.

It is a great resource for you, and for when you are trying to help someone with a question or problem they are having. 


 Not a member yet … Become a Wealthy Affiliate Today!




Thanks for stopping by, 



EMAIL ME ANY QUESTIONS/ CONCERNS: I AM HERE TO HELP YOU!   kerri@createuronlinebiz.com

Sep 272015

How to change the title and tagline in your website


When you build your website the Title and Tagline will be set to a default one depending on the theme you are using.  

For example:

    The title may say  “Just another WordPress Site”


How to change the site title and tagline

   First, you need to log into your website.

In Wealthy Affiliate:

Click on SiteRubix “Build your Website Here” button in the main menu, then click on         “Site Manager”

When you are in the Dashboard look for “Appearance” in the left-hand side menu, then either “Customize” or “Header”. 

* Your’s may look different depending on the theme you are using.


Click the arrow next to Title & Tagline to open it

Delete the default and type in the Title and Tagline in the boxes that you want to show on your website. 

After you make your changes, click  SAVE  AND PUBLISH  at the top of the box.

Click on the “X” on the top left of the box to close it, this will bring you back to the dashboard.

To see the changes click on the “Update” then “Preview” buttons in the publish box.

Or you can click on the “View Site” link under the house icon on the top left of the page.

The name of your site will be where “Make Money Online- Earn as you Learn” is in the example above.


Other changes you can make in “Customize”

* Your’s may look different depending on the theme you are using.

“Customize” and “Header” allows you to manage other parts of your website.


I am using the  “Suffusion” theme.  

Clicking on either “Customize” or “Header” I can also change the background color, header image, background image, navigation, widgets, static front page, and skin of  my website.

 Background color

 Header Image 

 Background Image



Static Front Page


Here is a couple of different skins in the “Suffusion” theme.


* Clicking on “Appearance” and then either “Customize” or “Header”  can change the Site Title  & Tagline and also change  (depending on the theme you are using)  the background color, header image, background image, navigation, widgets, static front page, and skin of your website. 


You might also like:


Thanks for stopping by,


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Sep 252015



How to get started in WordPress


In Wealthy Affiliate main menu click on “Build your website here” and then “Site Manager” after you have signed in you will see the “Dashboard”. 





* Note: the images below may look different on your dashboard, depending on what theme you are using.


   Welcome page

     Gives you some links to help you get started WordPress

  • Customize your site 
  • Change your theme completely
  • Write your first blog post
  • View your site
  • Manage widgets, or menus
  • Turn comments on or off 
  • Learn more about getting started 


The version of WordPress you are using and if there is an update available.


 Check the box of the ones you want, and uncheck those that you do not want to see.


Click on the links to get help with navigation, layout, content, and use the support forum.


A Quick overview of how many pages, posts and comment you have, the version of WordPress and the theme you are using.


Have an idea, use the quick draft to make notes, do an outline for a page or post.


Click the arrow to open and close

Activity shows your most recently published pages and posts with date and time and comments

New and Updates shows you “Quote of the day” and “Must Read”

 For example:

WordPress News:

For Example:


The Dashboard:



  Links across the top of the dashboard


  WordPress logo (About WordPress, documentation, support forum, feedback)

  House icon,  the title of the website

 Updates that are available (WordPress, Plugins, Theme)

   Comments (awaiting moderation)

  Add New  (post, media, page and user)

  Editor  (settings  page)

  Seo (performance,  XML Sitemap, feature manager, upgrade to pro)

 Profile (personal options, edit my profile, log out)



Main Menu down the left-hand side

       Home, Updates

       General settings, performance, XML sitemap, feature manager

     All posts, add new, categories, tags
   Library,  add new
      All pages, add new
     Comments (awaiting moderation)
      Themes, customize, widgets, menus, header, background editor
                  Installed plugins, add new, editor
    All users, add new, your profile
     Available tools, import, export
     General, writing, reading, discussion, media, permalinks,


Edit on the right side:

When you are in a PAGE OR POST you will see the Edit Boxes to the right. 

Again, yours will look different depending on what theme you are using.


Status: Draft or Published, your page or post is in draft, until you publish it.

Visibility: Private or Public, you can switch back and forth from one to the other easily. If you need to fix something in your page or post you can easily switch it back to Private while you work on it. Then switch back to Public when you are done working on it. 

Revisions: The number of revisions you have made on the page or post.  Browse allows you to go back to an older version.

Published on: The date and time the post or page was published

        Edit: Click on the blue “Edit” link to edit the page or post

Move to trash:   To delete the page or post click on this link (permanently delete them after moving them to the trash). 

Update:  Click on update to save changes, update often. If you make a mistake or something happens and you want to go back to a previous version, click on “Browse” link next to Revision.  

Preview changes: Click to view the changes you have made. 




WordPress is overwhelming at first, but if you take the time and put in the effort it is one of the easier formats to use.  Take the time and look around the Dashboard, click on links and see all that you can do to manage your site. 

In addition to the support in WordPress, Wealthy Affiliate also provides training and blogs on WordPress and there is also support from the community ( i.e “Live Chat’, and “Ask a Question” features).

Don’t stay stuck, take advantage of all the help, support both from WordPress and Wealthy Affiliate and its community. 



Thanks for stopping by, 


EMAIL ME ANY QUESTIONS/ CONCERNS, I’M HERE TO HELP YOU !   kerri@createuronlinebiz.com    

Sep 162015


How to add images to WordPress page or post


 In Wealthy Affiliate  go to the SiteRubix “Build your site here” button in the main menu, 


    then go to the Site Manager 


        login into your site


After you log in you will be in the dashboard of your site:




In your dashboard  click on Posts and All Posts, or Page and All Pages

A list of all the posts  and pages you have made will come up, look for the title of the Page or Post you want to add an image to.  

Example:  To find the title of this post, I would click on Post, and then All Posts, and search for the title:

How to add images to WordPress page or post”

Under the title, click on the blue “Edit” link.



When you are in the page or post title you want to add the image to make sure you are in the “Text Tab”. 

In the screen shot below I am using  TinyMCE editor and it is located on the top across from the “Add media” button. 



Your toolbar may look a little different depending on the “editor” you are using. 

* You have to be in the “TEXT TAB” to add an image. 

When it is in the “TEXT” tab you will see that your page or post has a lot of coding in it. Don’t let it scare or intimidate you.  You can read the text in between the coding and find where you want to add the image.

Example: this is what this post looks like in the “text tab”

In between that code you can see the title of this post ” How to add images to WordPress page or post”

The first line &nbsp is for a space between the top of the page and the text, <H1  (that is the beginning of the code) ( then it has a bunch of code for the style, alignment, font family, and color of the font,  the end of that line is </H1> ( end of the code).

The code basically says I want a space between the top of the page and the title, I want it in an H1 heading, have it centered on the page, use Georgia font, and make it all maroon in color. 

If I wanted to add an image under the title, I would find the end code of that first paragraph  </h1> 

the blue arrow shows  the </h1> end tag,  you would point you mouse to the spot where you want the image to go and LEFT CLICK  which will mark you cursor on the spot

Where you put your cursor is where your image will go. 

Hint:  If you can’t find the spot in the code where you want the image to go,  you can paste it in a blank spot. Find the end code </> somewhere and hit “enter” twice to make a black spot)  then go back to “visual” tab, find the image you want to move and right click on it,  (don’t use the tool box to edit it)  click “copy” then point your mouse where you want the image and click “paste’.  You can move images this way too. 

* You don’t have to learn HTML  to be able to add images,  you can find the end code and insert images into your pages and post with a click of your mouse.

Although  you do not need to know HTML,  if you are curious and want to learn the basics of HTML here are a couple of tutorials to check out.


 When you have the spot where you want to add the image, left click your mouse on it, then click on “ADD MEDIA” button.


                               The media library tab will open up



I clicked on the Wealthy Affiliate logo and then “Insert into post” . . . 

wa_logo_open_graph_default   WA white on blue logo



   * To see the image you just added  click on the “VISUAL TAB”

More often than not you are going to want to change where the image is and or the size of the image on your page or post.

      To edit the image you added “left'” click on the image and a small toolbar will open 

Use the boxes to align the image:

  • the first  box is to align the image to the left
  • second to align  center
  • third to the right
  • fourth for no alignment


Use the pencil to edit the image:


Use the “X” to delete the image:

  When you are done click “UPDATE” to save the changes.

  Another tutorial you might want to check out:



Wealthy Affiliate Banners

To add a wealthy affiliate banner, click on the  

located on the left hand side under the main menu OR by 

clicking on the AIRPLANE ICON in the toolbar on the top right of the main page.


The main toolbar:

REFERRAL ID:   Under the first tab: ” Program Details” you will find your unique referral ID

Your unique number will show where I have blurred mine out.

* Use this link to refer members to Wealthy Affiliate and get commissions.



Got to the far right of the main toolbar and click on Banners button.

Add Banners using Direct Link, HTML Code, or the Direct Download.

I like using the HTML code, its fast and easy, all you have to do is copy and paste the HTML code into the TEXT TAB of the page or post.  


Helpful Hint:

If your Visual Tab goes blank, but you can see your Text tab, check out this tutorial:




You can also add a Banner to a Widget on your sidebar.


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Sep 132015

How to change font size in WordPress


The ability to change your font size depends on the theme you are using.



        There are editor plugins you can use:

In Wealthy Affiliate,

Click on SiteRubix ” Build your website here” in the main menu, then click on Site Manager and login, when you are on your Dashboard go down to and click on PLUGINS

Click on  ADD NEW, then type  editor  in the search bar.


There are over 3,000 editor plugins.  That is pretty overwhelming if you are just starting out, don’t know anything about coding, know what half of the details they give you even mean.  For beginners, I recommend one that is simple and easy to use (see below for a list of them that I gathered from the Wealthy Affiliate community).



Here is an example using Ultimate TinyMCE

Click on Font Family to change the font

Font Size to choose the size

Paragraph to choose Heading size  (1-6) 

With a simple, easy to use editor like TinyMCE you have the options to control the look of your site.  You can add images, change the alignment, change the font, increase or decrease the size, make headings, use indents, change the color of the text, bold, italic, underline, you can also insert a page break…  

That is pretty much all you need in an editor to start, and you can always use another plugin later.  Focusing on the lessons and building your site is more important in the beginning, than making the site look pretty. Using a basic editor for now will let you do that. 

*  Note:  I have been hearing TinyMCE will not be supported in the updated versions of WordPress.  So I asked the community at  Wealthy Affiliate what they were using, here are some suggestions:

  • WP Edit by Josh Lobe 
  • WP Editor
  • Fonts
  • Kompozwe
  • Kompozer
  • WP Canvas – Shortcodes
  • Thrive Content Editor



 If you are inexperienced with code, have a theme you love that doesn’t allow you to change the size of the font check out these tutorials.



   Can’t see your page or post under the “VISUAL” tab? Check out this tutorial:



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Sep 102015

How to change your theme in WordPress


You don’t have to keep a theme, you can change it anytime.

If you are just starting out don’t worry about choosing the perfect theme. You will probably change it, more than once.  

It is easy to change themes but first back up your site.

Nine times out of ten changing themes is fast and easy, but there is always a chance something could go wrong.  It’s better to be safe and save your site first before you change your theme. 


After you have backed up your site:

   Go to the main menu at Wealthy Affiliate and click –>

After you log in you will see your “Dashboard”

Hover your mouse over “Appearance” and click on “Themes”, this will open up your “Manage Theme” tab

Mine shows I have 10 themes. 


* click “ADD NEW” to unlock the themes, otherwise you will only see the themes you have viewed before and have installed. 

You do not have to buy a theme, as a starter member you have 12 themes to choose from, as a premium member there are thousands,  for FREE


You can use the Search bar or the Toolbar to help narrow down what kind of theme you want. 

The Search bar: 

You can use the search bar for other things that you want on your theme, but I recommend using a “responsive” one,  so your visitors can see your site easily on all devices ( laptop, phone, i-pad etc).  You don’t want to lose visitors because your theme is not responsive and they can’t easily see or navigate your site.

       Click on “ADD NEW”,  then type in “responsive” in the search bar

When you see a theme you like, hover your mouse over it.  You have the option to see “Details and Preview”,  “Install”, “Preview”  that theme.  

You can always change the theme later. You can spend hours, days, weeks searching for the perfect theme…DON’T!  Choose one that is simple to use, so you don’t end up spending more time fighting with it than you spend on doing the lessons, building your site and creating content.  

When you find one you like click “install”.

 * If you have no idea what to look for and just want a theme to use for now,  I recommend     the “Suffusion” theme, it has a nice clean look and is easy to use.  

If you find a theme you love, but it is not responsive, check out this tutorial.


The toolbar

 Featured, Popular, and Latest lets you see what other people are using, what’s popular and the newest themes.

If you want to have more control over what your theme looks like the “Feature Filter”  allows you to choose a theme by filtering Color, Layout, Features, and Subject

Keeping your SiteRubix site after you moved or transferred it to your own domain

Many people will delete the SiteRubix site after they have bought their own domain and moved their site to it.

I keep it as a test site  and use it to see how different themes will look without worrying abut messing up the site I am working on.  Unless you delete it your  SiteRubix site will stay in your Site Manager.

* You should delete the content on the SiteRubix site if it is the same on your other site, or    create a test site so that you don’t have duplicate content.

 If you deleted your  SiteRubix or never created one, you can create one and use it as a test site.  You have 25  websites as a premium member and 2 as a starter member.

It is safer and easier to test out themes on a test site, rather than risking messing up, or breaking the site you are working on. 

Tutorials that you may be interested in:


Thanks for stopping by, 

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Jul 282015

Back up your posts, pages, and website


It is not a matter if IF something will happen, but  WHEN.  While a lot of things have automatic backups, it’s a good idea to back them up yourself too.  Do you really want to depend on something to auto-save… after you put in hours of work?  

What if there is a freak power outage or something crashes?  You will save yourself a lot of time and frustration if you back up your posts, pages and website regularly.

Wouldn’t it be better to take the time BEFORE it happens to save and back up your work?

You are putting a lot of time and effort into writing, and building a site, back them up regularly so you don’t lose all that hard work.




While WordPress does auto-save, I always make sure I update my work as I go.

A fluke power outage or crash has happened and probably will again. I ‘ve learned the hard way, losing my stuff and having to re-write the whole thing again.

I make it a habit to UPDATE my pages and posts as I write them.

If something happens, you can go back in and find a REVISION and bring it back.

You can choose to compare revisions, move the slide bar back in increments, and use the next and previous buttons to find the revision you want to restore. You can also compare revisions. 

UPDATE often . . . . .




You should back up your site:

  • On a schedule, at least once a week 
  • Before you add or delete a plugin
  • Before you add or delete a theme
  • Whenever you do a lot of changes on your site

You are  putting a lot of time and effort into your site, you want to make sure you don’t lose it.

Like saving and backing up your pages and posts, you should take the time to save and back up your website regularly.


Check out these training from Wealthy Affiliate:


Thanks for stopping by,



Jun 142015





 A keyword is a word or phrase that people search for in the search engines.

Every time you do a google search you are entering a “keyword” into the search box.

The  goal of your keyword research is to find keywords that you can get rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing with, all while attracting a relevant audience. Using keywords to build content around, will lead you to search engine rankings and traffic to your website!


Helpful Hints:

You want to come up with “keywords” relevant to your website and your niche.

Start broad with a few of your searches (ie. two or three-word searches), then refine your searches.

Ideally you are looking for keywords that:

* Have more than 50 monthly searches (sometimes ANY traffic is OK)

* Less than 300 QSR. (the lower the less competition).

* Make sense 



Where to put the keywords? 

You should use your Keyword:  once in the title, and once in the first paragraph.

Then write naturally, do not focus on the keyword, focus on your reader.

Write quality content that engages your readers.



Where do I find keywords? 



       You can get a free account ( 30 FREE searches no credit card required).




At Wealthy Affiliate, they have a  Free Keyword Tool.



 Do you want to learn about keywords?

What they are, how to find them, how to use them and what they can do for you?

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you not only about keywords, but how to build your own website, how to write content, get traffic and more

Whether you are just starting out or already have your own website, WA has the training, tools and support you need to succeed.

Thanks for stopping by, 



 EMAIL QUESTIONS/ CONCERNS, I’M HERE TO HELP YOU!   kerri@createuronlinebiz.com    

Jun 112015




It actually holds a lot of information that will help you with Wealthy Affiliate.





 This shows you your affiliate information,

        *  There is a lot of information in this little ICON,  here is a quick overview.

At the top of the page, you can find your AFFILIATE LINK ( your unique number will be where I have blurred mine out)




     Under the Program detail tab:

  • Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference
  • Earn Revenue by Referring People to Wealthy Affiliate
  • The Best Affiliate Training in the World
  • How Much Can you Earn?

     Under the My Stats tab:

  • Overview
  • Detailed Stats
  • My Revenue
  • Referral Entrance Details
  • Payment Settings

    Under the My Referrals tab:

  • People who you have invited to WA

    Under the Links and Tracking tab:

  • Your WA Affiliate Links
  • Wealthy Affiliate Comparison Tables
  • Site Rubix Website Plugin
  • PPC Conversion Tracking

      Under the Messages tab:

  • Gives you messages you can use to send your referrals
  • Including: Welcome, Follow-ups, and Welcome to premium

      Under the Banners tab:

  • Promotional Banners you can use to promote wealthy affiliate.
  • Your affiliate is already embedded in the code.



This shows you your network,

You can see how many members you are following and how many are following you.

* To follow someone just click on the green “FOLLOW” button you see next to members names.

I do this naturally if I see someone’s comment, questions, blog etc, that I like I follow them. And I also try and keep up with messages in my profile that people leave for me.

It’s a good way to network, but it is not something you need to worry about, just click “FOLLOW” as you go about your business.

*  You can also access your  Profile,  Blog,  Questions you have asked,  Private Messages and Training’s you have made from here.


  This shows your notifications,

         It turns green and shows how many you have.

“View unread”  will let  you change the options of “View all” and “View read”

“Change Options” You can edit what you get notified about in the drop down menu you can un-click the notifications you do not want to get.

“Actions” lets you choose between “Mark as read” and “Remove me from discussion”



This shows you “Private Messages”  

         A private message (PM) when you are premium.

 The box turns red when you have mail.


Here you can 


“Create New Training”:

“Write New Blog”:  

“Build New Website”:

Ask Question”:



This is your Wealthy Affiliate Rank.

At the top of the page you will see ” My Ranking & Statistics” , And it breaks down into categories:  ” Helper Rank”, “Creator Rank”, “Activity Rank” and “Member Rank” .

In my opinion: I would not  worry about the rank,  I would concentrate on the lesson and building your site.  It is basically a measure of how active you are in the community. But if you are interested, you can look at the charts and see where you are in them.



Your profile picture

Yours will be whatever you uploaded to your profile when you joined.

This is like your HOME PAGE where you tell people a little bit about yourself.


 My Profile:

*  You can Edit your profile by clicking the “Actions” button

* Get your affiliate link by clicking on the “Affiliate” button

*  Build your network by following people, click “refresh” to get more

*  Reply to members who have left a message for you 

*   Add another image

*   View  the blogs that you made

*  View the Training that you created

*  Add and Manage you websites

Account Settings:

This is where you go to manage your Wealthy Affiliate:

* General Settings:  Your name, username, password, time zone, Google + profile, Jaaxy       affiliate link ( this is where you can edit/ change these settings)

* Subscription Settings: Billing and membership details (where you can change your        billing / membership/ cancel your account)

* Account Setup Progress:  This shows the two tasks to complete ” add a profile (about me description), and add a profile image.

* Email Notification Settings:  This is where you manage the emails from WA. You can say  “yes” or “no” at the top. Below you can leave the ones you want to receive CHECKED  and you can UN-CHECK the ones you do not want to receive.


  System Tour:  Takes you on a very quick guide, with tips and hints.


  Logout:  This will log you out of  Wealthy Affiliate 


I hope this quick walkthrough helped explain the toolbar on the right,  what the icons mean, and where you go to find the information you are looking for.

Here are some other blogs you may find helpful:




Not already a member?   …  Become a Wealthy Affiliate today!


Thanks for stopping by, let me know if I can help you with anything,



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Jun 072015


Training at Wealthy Affiliate



When you first join Wealthy Affiliate  (WA)  you have a lot of questions, you want to know how to start, what training you will get, and a million others.


Wealthy Affiliate lets you take it for a test drive for FREE.


Your FREE Starter Membership gives you access to the first level of “Get Started” and the first phase of “Bootcamp”.

If you become a premium member, all of Wealthy Affiliate opens up to you. There is no pressure to upgrade, you can stay FREE forever.  


       Here is a quick overview:  Ultimate WA Certification Course Anthology 



You can see an overview in the main menu area on the left.



 *  To get started in Wealthy Affiliate click on the  Getting Started button in the main menu.


  • WA Affiliate Program
  • Keyword, Niche and Market Research
  • Everything WordPress
  • Authoring & Writing Content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Engagement & Marketing
  • Website Development & Programming
  • Local Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Platform
  • Pay Per Click Marketing



  • Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started (Level 1)
  • Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website Level 2
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification – Making Money! (Level 3)
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification – Mastering Social Engagement (Level 4)
  • The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation (Level 5)




  •  Every Friday there is a new live video session, and you can watch all of the previous lessons, anytime by clicking on the Live Video Classes link.




Scroll down past the Training to Affiliate Program

     At the top of the page, you will find your unique affiliate link

Take a look around and check out the tabs in here, there is a lot of information about your stats, referrals,  links and tracking,  messages you can use to send to your referrals, and a page of  banners that already has your affiliate Id in them.


  Also in here you can learn more about:

  • ” Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference”
  •  “Earn Revenue by Referring People to Wealthy Affiliate”
  •  “The Best Affiliate Training in the World”
  •  “How Much Can you Earn? “


  * Free Starter Members can earn commissions too 



You can also click the Airplane icon to find your affiliate information.






There is a lot of information, and it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed. Don’t get stuck, ask for help.  You can jump into “Live Chat”, post a question on the activity board, leave a comment after anyone of the lessons… You are not alone, all you have to do is ask!

My suggestion is to follow the lessons step by step, do the tasks, don’t rush ahead or skip anything, and ask lots of questions.

You can take a look around, and get an idea of what you will be learning, but don’t jump ahead and start doing things that you haven’t reached in the lessons yet – this will more than likely leave you lost and confused / or stuck and frustrated. 



  You may also like: 




Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the training, tools, services, and support you need to build your own online business.

Not already a member?   …  Become a Wealthy Affiliate today!


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May 202015


How to restore deleted or lost pages or posts in WordPress


Okay, fist take a deep breath, all may not be lost. There are ways to restore deleted, lost and missing pages or posts.

There is an auto-save function in WordPress that saves your work… I recommend  “Updating” it yourself  frequently as well.  

Sometimes we get caught up in writing or adding images, and we don’t save our work, as we go.  This is probably the time when something goes wrong, i.e there is a freak power outage or a browser crashes.  If you save your work as you go, you have a better chance of not losing it all.

  * Save your work as you go, click  the “UPDATE” button often.



   Check the Trash:

Even if you don’t think you deleted it, check in the trash if you can’t find a page or post you were working on.

In the main menu on the left, click on “PAGE” or “POST” (whichever you are trying to restore).



Click on TRASH and you can restore your page or post from there.

 You can either RESTORE  it or PERMANENTLY DELETE it. 


    * If you have a page or post that shows a number after it in your permalinks:

For example, I had a post where the permalink kept saying  “Wealthy Affiliate Review 3” it was driving me nuts, I couldn’t get the 3 out of there no matter how many times I tried.

It was because I had  more than one page or post with that name, and although I deleted the other posts, I didn’t PERMANENTLY DELETE them.  When I did that the 3 finally went away and the permalink was fixed.



If you made a MISTAKE and want to go back to an older version of your page or post, look at the right side for the “publish box”.

Click the Browse link next to Revisions:

Compare Revisions ( the title of the page or post you are working on) appears at the top of the box.


The revisions for this post ” How to restore deleted, lost pages and posts in WordPress”.

The Red arrow shows “Previous” and “Next” buttons 

The Purple allow you to Compare any two revisions

The Orange arrow shows the “current revision” and the second arrow shows “Restore This Revision” 

The Blue arrow allows you to use the Slide Scale to go back and forth and view revisions, from minutes to months. 

Click on “Restore This Revision” to go to the revision you chose, or if you want to keep the version you are on click on the ” Return to post editor”.




Your working on a post or page and you have to leave it,  and when you come back you can’t find it!  Don’t panic it is probably stored in your DRAFTS.

Click on page or post on the main menu on the left, and look for “Drafts”.

When you find the draft PUBLISH it.

You can either set it to PRIVATE or PUBLIC:

If you are still writing it or if you decide you need to go back and fix something or tweak it, you can save it as PRIVATE, and no one will see it. 

When you are ready for others to view it on your site, change the visibility to PUBLIC.

* Draft and the Private pages and posts will not show up on your site until you make them PUBLIC.


  To change from Private to Public, click on the Edit link  next to Visibility.



Click on “Public” and then “Ok” and “Update”, now you will be able to see the page or post in your website.

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Jun 032014




 A common thread with all people that earn money online are 3 things.



Getting stuck is very frustrating, but even worse than that is not having anywhere to go to get help to get unstuck.

What’s even better?  Having a whole community, including the owners,  that go out of their way to help, support,  and encourage you.   


Without a website, you will never find success.  It’s not even worth your time to try to get into the online world without one. 

Don’t worry, building a website is very easy now… In fact, you could have  your own website up and running in a few minutes …for FREE  ( $0.00 )!  



Learning / Acting on what you are learning go hand in hand.  If you just learn and learn and don’t do anything about it, then you aren’t going to go anywhere. Basically, you will just be spinning your wheels. 

Acting on what you are learning, as you learn it is the best way to keep moving forward, and the only way to succeed.



Do you want to build your own successful online business?

Check out Wealthy Affiliate, it is the ONE place I have found that gives you EVERYTHING YOU NEED …

   FREE Starter Membership  ($0.00)  no credit card required

   2 Free Websites, you can have up and running in a few minutes

   All the training, support, tools and services you need, all in one place!   


  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain … 


Wealthy Afiliate



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Feb 082014




Word Press can be a little trying at times,  especially if you are new to all of this.

Here are a couple of basic tricks and tools I have found along the way, that might help you. 

Some things depend on what theme you are using…





      Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started (Level 1) 



           Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website (Level 2)



           How to schedule posts in WordPress:


          SEARCH BAR~ 

          Is a  great resource to get answers to your questions,  find tutorials,  blogs and more.


            Frequently Asked Questions:       

          In the next section I will go over some FAQ’s:

            •  How to change font size and color
            •  How to get more editor options 
            •  How to make a link
            •  How to add an image
            •  Adding Next Page
            •  Adding Read More
            •  Backing Up Your Website 


            Continue reading »

            Jan 242014


            Money Making Process



            make-money-online-540_1340932656_cropped (1)


            It’s not as hard, or as complicates as you thought right? 

            You don’t:

              • have to have any experience, knowledge or computer know how
              • have to have a business ( or even know what kind of business you want)
              • have to have a website


            Don’t let fear, or self-doubt stop you from succeeding  online.  

            You can do it to, and you can do it all in one place, without all the schemes, up-sells, gimmicks and scams.



            It is the ONE PLACE that I have found that offers you a FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP,  ( that is really free, and doesn’t require a credit card)….

            It has everything you need, all in one place … all the training, support, tools and services . . . 

            An opportunity to EARN AS YOU LEARN with their  affiliate program ( where you can earn as a free member) . . . 

            and the most amazing community I have ever seen. That includes the  co-owners, who are not just some distant and unapproachable guru’s….. they are active and hands on! 


            Through the training, you will learn the 4 step process at the core of online success:  



            IT REALLY IS 4 STEPS …..  WA has everything you need, all you have to do is sign up for your FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP  and get started on the training.


            YOU DO NOT HAVE TO UPGRADE…. You can stay Free forever if you want. 


             It’s all here:

            *  all the Training, support, tools and services you need 

            *  an Affiliate Program where you can Earn as You Learn

            *  an incredible Community that helps, supports and encourages you

            *  FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP   ($0.00), no credit card required




            We are in this together! 

            EMAIL ME ANY QUESTIONS/ CONCERNS, I’M HERE TO HELP YOU !   kerri@createuronlinebiz.com    

            Jan 012014


            Finding  Your Way Around Wealthy Affiliate:   


            Welcome,  this overview is to help you find your way around,  show you where things are,  where to find information,  and where to ask for help. 

            If you are not a Wealthy Affiliate [WA] member yet,  did you know that you can join as a Free Starter Member?  

            If setting up your own online business with no start up cost  interests you, let’s get you started. No Credit Card Required, and it takes less than a minute > Free Starter Membership     

            You do not have to sign up for anything to benefit from this overview, but if you are new to Wealthy Affiliate you might want to take a look at

            Just one thing before we get started:  

            • NO matter where you want to go online,  no matter what you want to do, or what level of experience you have (including none), if you want to be successful you need ONE thing …Wealthy Affiliate.  


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            Dec 042013


            One Of The Best Things About Wealthy Affiliate (WA)- Is The COMMUNITY.  


            MH910216363 crowd with blue man in front



            It is the ONLY place that I have found where you are INSTANTLY made to feel at HOME!

            Welcome messages and offers to help come pouring in, and they respond. They don’t just say it, they do it. 

            It is an amazing group of people from all over the WORLD, with varying EXPERIENCES and KNOWLEDGE, that are READY AND WILLING to SHARE with YOU. 

            You are never alone, there is always help, support, encouragement just waiting for you to reach out and ask for it. 

            Many members create training, blogs and post to ‘help’, answer questions, provide more information . . .  These are in addition to all the great ones that are provided by WA.


            I have heard the community referred to as ” family”, many times and that pretty much sums it up.
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            Dec 100201


            Wealthy Affiliate Links, Banners, and SiteRubix Plugins


            Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy –  to add affiliate links, banners, and SiteRubix plugins into your site. 



            To get started click on the Airplane Icon, located above the “live chat”, on the right side of your main page

            – Or you can look under the main menu, under the AFFILIATE PROGRAM heading and click on the $WA Affiliate Program link

            Both will take you to your “share” page where you will find your affiliate link, bannersand plugins.  


            At the top of the page is the main toolbar


            You will be using the “Program Details”, “Links & Tracking” and the “Banner” buttons in the main toolbar to get your affiliate links, banners, and SiteRubix plugin.



            * your id will be different than the one shown, the part after the ? will be your unique id, in the example above mine is    


            WA AFFILIATE LINKS  

            You can use any of the four links to promote WA.

             The main link:




            WA BANNERS

            Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy to add banners, just copy and paste the code in the “Text” tab of your page or post.

            There are 22 to choose from, here some of the ones that I use on my site.


            Scroll through and find a banner you like, below each banner you have the option to add it using the Direct Link, Html Code, or Direct Download:

            For example, 

            You want to add a banner into a post using the HTML Code. You would go to either the Airplane icon or the  $WA Affiliate link to the share page and click on “Banner”

            Then you would find the banner that you want to add.

            Copy the HTML Code in the box

            ( left click your mouse from the beginning  of the code and drag your mouse to the end of the code – highlight it ) and then left click the mouse and click “copy”)

            Then go to your page or post and click on the “TEXT TAB” 

            Find the spot where you want your banner to go, left click the spot then right click  “Paste”

            The code for the banner will show up in the spot where you put your cursor

            <a href=”http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=af47397a”><img src=”https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/banners/show/wa_starter_350x350.png” border=”0″ /></a>

            Click on the “VISUAL” tab  to see the banner





            The steps are the same as putting a banner on your page or post. 

            * Click on Update and Preview to see the plugin in your site.


              * Always click on your links, banners and plugins to make sure they are working correctly.


            How to edit an image:

            * To see the image you just added  click on the “VISUAL TAB”

            More often than not you are going to want to change where the image is and or the size of the image on your page or post.

            To edit the image you added “left'” click on the image and a small toolbar will open

            Use the boxes to align the image:

            align left

            align center

            align right

            no alignment

            Use the pencil to edit the image:


             Use the “X” to delete the image:

            When you are done click “UPDATE” to save the changes.

            ~  If you are having a problem adding affiliate Links, Banners, or  the SiteRubix Plugins jump in and ask for help,  Wealthy Affiliate has training, tutorials, blogs, a live chat, and an activity board where you can ask a question



             Affiliate Bootcamp


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