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Hello, I am Kerri



I have been trying to make money online for years. There have been times that I have been unable to work due to injuries and illnesses. And times where I only had a part-time job. During these periods, I spent a lot of time, energy and money chasing my desire,  and actual need to earn money online at home.  

 But I kept falling into scams and schemes, I was getting so frustrated and fed up. There were times I stepped back from it for awhile, feeling frustrated and discouraged. But I would always pick myself up, brush myself off and try again. 

Awhile back I was thinking about joining a program that I had seen quite often, “Success with Anthony” . I had been burned before, so I decided to check him out. What I found was some not so good reviews on him and his program.

But it lead me to WEALTHY AFFILIATE. At first all the old doubts and skepticism came back. It seemed, at first, like all the others.  

Then something caught my eye “FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP”, and when I started reading what that starter membership included I was feeling a little excited, and a little less skeptical.  

By the third day, having looked around the site, started the lessons, I was hooked and upgraded.  It had everything I needed, and more. I had done more in the first week than I was able to do in years of struggling on my own.



The reason I created this website was to help folks like you finally get the training and support you need to earn extra money online.

But that’s not all, this also is for those of you who want to build an online business, and will even benefit those of you who already have a business but need some help.  



I’m going to ask you to do yourself a favor:

REMEMBER back when you first started looking online : whether it was to earn some extra money, a second income, or even to start your own online business.  

Remember the excitement, passion, determination, or what ever else it was that made you think it was something you wanted or needed to do.

I want you to bring that with you, and nothing else, leave your wallet where it is: there is NO Credit Card required.

YOU owe it to yourself to take this opportunity…   


 Lets Get You Started      Wealthy Afiliate            


If you ever need any help, feedback or support I would be more than happy to help you out.   I wish you all the best with your online experience and thank you for dropping by!

I am here to help you, 



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