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Hi and Welcome:

If you have spent any amount of time online looking to earn money, start a business or just make some extra cash – you have probably been burned, scammed and cheated at least once.

Unfortunately, there are SO MANY SCAM’S and SO LITTLE LEGITIMATE sites online.

I have been there – I have fallen for more than a few scams, lost a good amount of money and have been lost, confused and frustrated for many years.

That’s why I’m here, why I created this website;  TO PAY IT FORWARD ( Show you how to build your online business)  I want to share with you the one thing I have been looking for, the one thing I have been missing all these years.


Wealthy Affiliate ( WA)

NO Matter what you want to do, where you want to go online,  or what level of experience you have (including none),  Wealthy Affiliate gives you what you need to succeed.


What Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is:

  •  A training center for those wanting to set up their own online businesses
  •  EVERYTHING you need in one place ( you do not need any experience, a website or even know what kind of  business you want) 
  •  ALL the training,  support,  tools,  services you need;  an affiliate program where you can earn as you learn, and an awesome community


What Wealthy Affiliate is not:

  •  A “get rich quick” scheme or an online job
  •  There are:
    • No up-sells
    • No bait and switch 
    • No gimmicks
    • No Credit Card Required for your Starter membership ( 100 % free)


 A Quick Overview: 



You will never be alone again! 

Not not only do you have a whole community behind you, there is also a rare but incredible bonus of having the co-founders available and happy to assist you, and you also have my email below to ask any questions, share any concerns you may have.


Want to take a look around? 



Whether you are just starting to look for an online opportunity  or have been searching for years, take a minute and check Wealthy Affiliate out for Free . . .  and start learning how to build your own successful online business today!    


You have Nothing to lose / Everything to Gain 


 Let’s Get You Started        Wealthy Afiliate            



 EMAIL QUESTIONS/ CONCERNS : I AM HERE TO HELP YOU!   kerri@createuronlinebiz.com


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