Four easy steps to Wealthy Affiliate



 Four easy steps to Wealthy Affiliate





That’s it?” 

YES, that’s it … Wealthy Affiliate takes you step by step and walks you through each one in detail. Everything you need, all in one place, to succeed online.

You are no longer only give part of the puzzle, left alone to figure it out.

You are no longer scammed into thinking you are going to learn, only to be bombarded with up-sells, gimmicks and programs that go nowhere.


  • Wealthy Affiliate   gives you the Training, Tools, and Support you need to succeed in a FREE Starter Membership ($0) with no credit card required.





* The Search Bar / Pen Icon

They are not in the main menu. But the they are tools you will want to keep in your arsenal as you go through Wealthy Affiliate

The Search bar sits at the top of the page,  holds a ton of TRAINING, BLOGS, and other members QUESTIONS. 


The Pen Icon sit in the top menu above chat, on the same line as the Search bar to the right.  Click on the Icon and ask the community a question by posting it in the activity board. 



Four Steps . . . . That’s it!

1) Choose an Interest

2)  Build a Website

3)  Get Rankings & Visitors

4)  Earn Revenue

Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need!




  In three easy steps, you will have your own website up and running.

  1) Choose a domain

  2) Choose a website name

  3) Choose a theme


Building, accessing, and managing your site can be done by clicking the light blue button in the main menu:




 Site Manager: 

This is your main toolbar in the site manager


This is your website home page where you can login, ask for comments, give feedback, move yours site,  get details on your site, delete it, and see how the health of your website is doing.


* EXAMPLE:   This site is an old site, with only 2 pages, no post, no comments and is not google indexed…. it is showing red and needs improvement. 

 Site Health Bar: 

The bar goes from red, to yellow to green as you site health improves, and shows you a score    down to  for each of these categories:

Publishing Frequency                              Content Quality & Variety

Visitor Engagement (Comments)         Your Engagement With Visitors

Plugins                                                         Site Trust

Google Ranked                                          Website Feedback

You can monitor your progress as you go through the lessons and build your site.

Ideally your site will move from red to green and you will have 100% in each of these and you will have a healthy site.


   Site Feedback:

Asking for and  offering feedback on websites, is an important part of building your site.

In “Pay if forward” fashion you are asked to add suggestions and feedback for others before requesting a review of your own. 


   Site Domains:

Add, manage your domains, and transfer domain’s to and from WA



  Site Email:

Create and manage you domain email:


   Site Support:

Having trouble?  Send in a support ticket…. 





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