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How to add a link into pages and posts


A “link” is a highlighted and underlined word or phrase on a page. By clicking a link, you can move to another page or even another website.

Text links are typically blue and underlined, the arrow of your mouse will usually turn into a little hand when you move your cursor over a link.  


 How to add an Affiliate link: 


Putting your wealthy affiliate unique referral link in a page or post

1.  Go to the page or post and find the text you want to make a link or type it in. 

For example:  Become a  Wealthy Affiliate today  

2.  Grab your referral ID

Go to the main page of Wealthy Affiliate,  look under the menu for the heading “Affiliate Program”,  and click on the $ WA Affiliate Program link



 – OR –  click the Airplane Icon on the top right of the main page above Live Chat

* Your Affiliate Link  (or Referral ID) is in the box at the top of the page

Copy  the link in the box, including the unique referral code, I blurred mine out in the example above, (by left-clicking your mouse over the text and dragging it across, then right click the mouse and click “COPY”)

3. Click back on to your page and highlight the text you want to link ( just highlight it  )

4. Click on the  “paper clip” or “link” icon in the editor bar

Delete the pre-typed  http:// that is already in the box

Paste the referral code I just copied into the “URL” box, ( to paste,  right click your mouse in the box and then click “PASTE”)

You can add a title in the “Title” box if you want to

I recommend checking the box for the link to “Open link in a new window/tab”

 5.   Click on the “Add Link” button.

Become a wealthy affiliate today 


 Test your link:

    Make sure that the link is working properly.

Back to the edit page of you page or post, go to the “Publish” box on the right and click on  “UPDATE”  and  then click on “PREVIEW”

This will open your page or post and you can see what your visitors will see when they are on your page or post. Find the link that you just made and click on it…

Does it open up to where you want it to go, does it open in a new tab or page?

  If it opens correctly you are good to go. 

  If the link doesn’t work, or you get an error, check for these three things.

First make sure you copied the whole code, no spaces before or after, and that your unique referral id is there

Second check that there isn’t anything in front of the code you pasted ( i.e %20 // ) has been known to creep into the front of my code when I do not copy and paste the link correctly. If there is something in front of the URL, delete it, click “Add Link” and go back and check the link again. 

Third make sure that if you are copying a URL that when you paste it there are not two http:// in the code.  The box where you paste your link has a pre-typed http:// already in there, if you are copying a web address there is another one in front of the URL. 


I want to link  My Wealthy Affiliate,  to I copy the URL, highlight the text, and click on the link button

http:// is pre-typed in the URL box when I paste the URL into the box

now I have two  http:// and the link won’t work 

* Delete the first http:// ( the one on the left)  and leave the one that was part of the URL you copied.  Click  “Add Link”  and  then go back and click “Update” and “Preview” to check the link again and make sure it’s working.


Editing links 

You can make a link    or you unlink or break a link   

You can change where the link is on your page or post ( in a sentence, indented, with a bullet)  the family font, font size and the color of the text using the editor bar.

Become a wealthy affiliate today and learn how to build your own online business.


*  I recommend changing the color of the text link to blue  It sets the link apart from the rest of the text and is a universal signal that it is a link.  I wouldn’t try to hide it or make it look the same as the rest as the text because it will be harder, or even impossible for you visitors to pick it out as a link.




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