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How to add images to WordPress page or post


 In Wealthy Affiliate  go to the SiteRubix “Build your site here” button in the main menu, 


    then go to the Site Manager 


        login into your site


After you log in you will be in the dashboard of your site:




In your dashboard  click on Posts and All Posts, or Page and All Pages

A list of all the posts  and pages you have made will come up, look for the title of the Page or Post you want to add an image to.  

Example:  To find the title of this post, I would click on Post, and then All Posts, and search for the title:

How to add images to WordPress page or post”

Under the title, click on the blue “Edit” link.



When you are in the page or post title you want to add the image to make sure you are in the “Text Tab”. 

In the screen shot below I am using  TinyMCE editor and it is located on the top across from the “Add media” button. 



Your toolbar may look a little different depending on the “editor” you are using. 

* You have to be in the “TEXT TAB” to add an image. 

When it is in the “TEXT” tab you will see that your page or post has a lot of coding in it. Don’t let it scare or intimidate you.  You can read the text in between the coding and find where you want to add the image.

Example: this is what this post looks like in the “text tab”

In between that code you can see the title of this post ” How to add images to WordPress page or post”

The first line &nbsp is for a space between the top of the page and the text, <H1  (that is the beginning of the code) ( then it has a bunch of code for the style, alignment, font family, and color of the font,  the end of that line is </H1> ( end of the code).

The code basically says I want a space between the top of the page and the title, I want it in an H1 heading, have it centered on the page, use Georgia font, and make it all maroon in color. 

If I wanted to add an image under the title, I would find the end code of that first paragraph  </h1> 

the blue arrow shows  the </h1> end tag,  you would point you mouse to the spot where you want the image to go and LEFT CLICK  which will mark you cursor on the spot

Where you put your cursor is where your image will go. 

Hint:  If you can’t find the spot in the code where you want the image to go,  you can paste it in a blank spot. Find the end code </> somewhere and hit “enter” twice to make a black spot)  then go back to “visual” tab, find the image you want to move and right click on it,  (don’t use the tool box to edit it)  click “copy” then point your mouse where you want the image and click “paste’.  You can move images this way too. 

* You don’t have to learn HTML  to be able to add images,  you can find the end code and insert images into your pages and post with a click of your mouse.

Although  you do not need to know HTML,  if you are curious and want to learn the basics of HTML here are a couple of tutorials to check out.


 When you have the spot where you want to add the image, left click your mouse on it, then click on “ADD MEDIA” button.


                               The media library tab will open up



I clicked on the Wealthy Affiliate logo and then “Insert into post” . . . 

wa_logo_open_graph_default   WA white on blue logo



   * To see the image you just added  click on the “VISUAL TAB”

More often than not you are going to want to change where the image is and or the size of the image on your page or post.

      To edit the image you added “left'” click on the image and a small toolbar will open 

Use the boxes to align the image:

  • the first  box is to align the image to the left
  • second to align  center
  • third to the right
  • fourth for no alignment


Use the pencil to edit the image:


Use the “X” to delete the image:

  When you are done click “UPDATE” to save the changes.

  Another tutorial you might want to check out:



Wealthy Affiliate Banners

To add a wealthy affiliate banner, click on the  

located on the left hand side under the main menu OR by 

clicking on the AIRPLANE ICON in the toolbar on the top right of the main page.


The main toolbar:

REFERRAL ID:   Under the first tab: ” Program Details” you will find your unique referral ID

Your unique number will show where I have blurred mine out.

* Use this link to refer members to Wealthy Affiliate and get commissions.



Got to the far right of the main toolbar and click on Banners button.

Add Banners using Direct Link, HTML Code, or the Direct Download.

I like using the HTML code, its fast and easy, all you have to do is copy and paste the HTML code into the TEXT TAB of the page or post.  


Helpful Hint:

If your Visual Tab goes blank, but you can see your Text tab, check out this tutorial:




You can also add a Banner to a Widget on your sidebar.


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