How to Buy a Domain Name



How to Buy a Domain Name


What is a domain name?


A Domain is the address of your website, to connect your site and the domain you need to tell the domain where to look for the files. This is where DNS settings come in, in order for your domain to point to your website you need to tell it where the website is, to do this you use something called a “Name Server” which is an address that you need to point your domain in order for it to connect with your website.

Where you update you DNS settings  will depend on where you purchased your domain, called a Domain Registrar.


Where do I get a domain name?


I use and recommend  Namecheap, they are of course cheap, they don’t have a lot of upsells, and they offer WhoisGuard  to protect your privacy.  Of course there is GoDaddy, Wix, 1on1 and others where you can purchase your domain name as well. 

Where you purchase is up to you, be aware that they will try and offer you services in addition to the domain name, you won’t need most of them, especially if  you are going to host with Wealthy Affiliate. Just be careful and check out the additional services before you purchase them. 


How do I choose a good domain name


I  recommend doing some research before you buy a domain name, and getting a  .com domain if you can find one that you like, .com and .org  rank best in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

When you are choosing a domain name, you can choose something very targeted to what the theme of your site is about, or choose something that is very brandable.  Making your domain relevant to your niche, and it making sense to people coming to your site is key.

A few tips: 

Make it Easy to Type – avoid slang and words with multiple spellings

Keep it Short – avoid making it long and complicated

Avoid Numbers and Hyphens – don’t use numbers, characters, or hyphens

JAAXY   is a great tool for not only finding keywords but for finding domain names.



Does my Website name have to be the same as my Domain name?


 No, they do not have to be the same, but they can be. This is up to you, either way is fine.



Can I change my domain name after I purchase it?


The simple answer is no, you can’t change the domain name after you buy it.

If you decide you don’t like the name, you can buy another domain and move your site. You can try and sell the domain name or hold onto it and use it for another website. 



 How do I point my domain name to WA?


If you are following the lessons in Wealthy Affiliate, it will take you step by step.  

I recommend following them and purchasing your domain in the sequence of the lessons, but you can wait and move your site later. 

*  The number one problem I have seen members have is that they are not typing in the EXACT name servers… if you have a problem, check and re-check that you have them exactly as they are below.

The name servers for Wealthy Affiliate Hosting ALWAYS are:


* Note:  The changes are not instant, you have to wait for the changes to take effect, it may take 24- 48 hours.  Although it is usually faster, it depends on where you purchased your domain.

Another reason I like NameCheap is that it is simple to use and fast, in as little as 15 minutes, but again it can take 24-48 hours, so just be aware you may have to be a little patient. 


The lessons in Wealthy Affiliate will take you step by step, and there are additional tutorials and blogs that you can look at by using the SEARCH bar on your dashboard in WA.  




Having trouble, or have a question? 


    Use the Activity Button and the Live Chat Button to get help:

    The Activity board is a good place to ask the community for help.

    To post a question, click on the PEN icon in the menu bar on the top right 

Click on “Ask a question”

Live Chat

Click on the blue “LIVE CHAT” button in the main menu on the left, 

-OR-  go to the Chat Box, on the right side of the page 




How do I get support? 


  You can submit a support ticket with WA




  –  You may also want to go to the site where you bought your domain

Namecheap  has a great support system, including: “Support Center”, “Live Chat” and a “Submit a Ticket” link on the main page to help you with issues and questions.



      These tutorials may also help:




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