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How to change your theme in WordPress


You don’t have to keep a theme, you can change it anytime.

If you are just starting out don’t worry about choosing the perfect theme. You will probably change it, more than once.  

It is easy to change themes but first back up your site.

Nine times out of ten changing themes is fast and easy, but there is always a chance something could go wrong.  It’s better to be safe and save your site first before you change your theme. 


After you have backed up your site:

   Go to the main menu at Wealthy Affiliate and click –>

After you log in you will see your “Dashboard”

Hover your mouse over “Appearance” and click on “Themes”, this will open up your “Manage Theme” tab

Mine shows I have 10 themes. 


* click “ADD NEW” to unlock the themes, otherwise you will only see the themes you have viewed before and have installed. 

You do not have to buy a theme, as a starter member you have 12 themes to choose from, as a premium member there are thousands,  for FREE


You can use the Search bar or the Toolbar to help narrow down what kind of theme you want. 

The Search bar: 

You can use the search bar for other things that you want on your theme, but I recommend using a “responsive” one,  so your visitors can see your site easily on all devices ( laptop, phone, i-pad etc).  You don’t want to lose visitors because your theme is not responsive and they can’t easily see or navigate your site.

       Click on “ADD NEW”,  then type in “responsive” in the search bar

When you see a theme you like, hover your mouse over it.  You have the option to see “Details and Preview”,  “Install”, “Preview”  that theme.  

You can always change the theme later. You can spend hours, days, weeks searching for the perfect theme…DON’T!  Choose one that is simple to use, so you don’t end up spending more time fighting with it than you spend on doing the lessons, building your site and creating content.  

When you find one you like click “install”.

 * If you have no idea what to look for and just want a theme to use for now,  I recommend     the “Suffusion” theme, it has a nice clean look and is easy to use.  

If you find a theme you love, but it is not responsive, check out this tutorial.


The toolbar

 Featured, Popular, and Latest lets you see what other people are using, what’s popular and the newest themes.

If you want to have more control over what your theme looks like the “Feature Filter”  allows you to choose a theme by filtering Color, Layout, Features, and Subject

Keeping your SiteRubix site after you moved or transferred it to your own domain

Many people will delete the SiteRubix site after they have bought their own domain and moved their site to it.

I keep it as a test site  and use it to see how different themes will look without worrying abut messing up the site I am working on.  Unless you delete it your  SiteRubix site will stay in your Site Manager.

* You should delete the content on the SiteRubix site if it is the same on your other site, or    create a test site so that you don’t have duplicate content.

 If you deleted your  SiteRubix or never created one, you can create one and use it as a test site.  You have 25  websites as a premium member and 2 as a starter member.

It is safer and easier to test out themes on a test site, rather than risking messing up, or breaking the site you are working on. 

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