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Finding  Your Way Around Wealthy Affiliate:   


Welcome,  this overview is to help you find your way around,  show you where things are,  where to find information,  and where to ask for help. 

If you are not a Wealthy Affiliate [WA] member yet,  did you know that you can join as a Free Starter Member?  

If setting up your own online business with no start up cost  interests you, let’s get you started. No Credit Card Required, and it takes less than a minute > Free Starter Membership     

You do not have to sign up for anything to benefit from this overview, but if you are new to Wealthy Affiliate you might want to take a look at

Just one thing before we get started:  

  • NO matter where you want to go online,  no matter what you want to do, or what level of experience you have (including none), if you want to be successful you need ONE thing …Wealthy Affiliate.  


***  The best way to get started in Wealthy Affiliate  is by clicking on the green “GET STARTED HERE” button. And follow the training and lessons step by step,  don’t rush through or skip anything, do all the tasks, participate in the discussions, and keep focused. 

The community here is incredible take advantage of it!  Ask lots of questions,  and ask for help. There is no dumb question, we are all here to help, support and encourage each other. I have never seen anything like it…  I am also here to help you any way I can, my email is at the bottom of the page. I want to let you know up front that you are not alone, you never have to wander around feeling lost and confused, stuck, or frustrated again.

There are several ways to reach out:

  • Live Chat ( jump in and ask a question)
  • Post a question on the dashboard ( use the search bar)
  • Each lesson has a discussion area at the end of it ( post your question)
  • Tutorial also have a discussion area at the end of them
  • Leave a question on a members profile page
  • Use the search bar to find members 


 This overview is broken down into 7 pages to make it easier for you :

There is so much information it’s easy to feel overwhelmed…take a deep breath I’ll walk you through it. 

The overview is set up like the dashboard, I broke it down into sections to make it easier to get all the information.


  • Page  2  Top of dashboard ~  Search Bar;  Airplane;  3 people;  Globe;  Envelope;  Pen;  Rank;  Profile Picture  
  • Page 3  Left Side ( first 4 buttons)   ~ Dashboard;  Get Started Here;  Live Chat;   Build My Website
  • Page 4  (5th button) ~ Affiliate Program and bottom of the dashboard; 
  • Page 5  Middle ~  Activity Dashboard;   Classrooms;   Top 10;   My Notification
  • Page 6  Right ~ Live Chat  
  • Page 7  ~ Where do I find?”  


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