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How to get started in WordPress


In Wealthy Affiliate main menu click on “Build your website here” and then “Site Manager” after you have signed in you will see the “Dashboard”. 





* Note: the images below may look different on your dashboard, depending on what theme you are using.


   Welcome page

     Gives you some links to help you get started WordPress

  • Customize your site 
  • Change your theme completely
  • Write your first blog post
  • View your site
  • Manage widgets, or menus
  • Turn comments on or off 
  • Learn more about getting started 


The version of WordPress you are using and if there is an update available.


 Check the box of the ones you want, and uncheck those that you do not want to see.


Click on the links to get help with navigation, layout, content, and use the support forum.


A Quick overview of how many pages, posts and comment you have, the version of WordPress and the theme you are using.


Have an idea, use the quick draft to make notes, do an outline for a page or post.


Click the arrow to open and close

Activity shows your most recently published pages and posts with date and time and comments

New and Updates shows you “Quote of the day” and “Must Read”

 For example:

WordPress News:

For Example:


The Dashboard:



  Links across the top of the dashboard


  WordPress logo (About WordPress, documentation, support forum, feedback)

  House icon,  the title of the website

 Updates that are available (WordPress, Plugins, Theme)

   Comments (awaiting moderation)

  Add New  (post, media, page and user)

  Editor  (settings  page)

  Seo (performance,  XML Sitemap, feature manager, upgrade to pro)

 Profile (personal options, edit my profile, log out)



Main Menu down the left-hand side

       Home, Updates

       General settings, performance, XML sitemap, feature manager

     All posts, add new, categories, tags
   Library,  add new
      All pages, add new
     Comments (awaiting moderation)
      Themes, customize, widgets, menus, header, background editor
                  Installed plugins, add new, editor
    All users, add new, your profile
     Available tools, import, export
     General, writing, reading, discussion, media, permalinks,


Edit on the right side:

When you are in a PAGE OR POST you will see the Edit Boxes to the right. 

Again, yours will look different depending on what theme you are using.


Status: Draft or Published, your page or post is in draft, until you publish it.

Visibility: Private or Public, you can switch back and forth from one to the other easily. If you need to fix something in your page or post you can easily switch it back to Private while you work on it. Then switch back to Public when you are done working on it. 

Revisions: The number of revisions you have made on the page or post.  Browse allows you to go back to an older version.

Published on: The date and time the post or page was published

        Edit: Click on the blue “Edit” link to edit the page or post

Move to trash:   To delete the page or post click on this link (permanently delete them after moving them to the trash). 

Update:  Click on update to save changes, update often. If you make a mistake or something happens and you want to go back to a previous version, click on “Browse” link next to Revision.  

Preview changes: Click to view the changes you have made. 




WordPress is overwhelming at first, but if you take the time and put in the effort it is one of the easier formats to use.  Take the time and look around the Dashboard, click on links and see all that you can do to manage your site. 

In addition to the support in WordPress, Wealthy Affiliate also provides training and blogs on WordPress and there is also support from the community ( i.e “Live Chat’, and “Ask a Question” features).

Don’t stay stuck, take advantage of all the help, support both from WordPress and Wealthy Affiliate and its community. 



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