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The Dashboard  is your main control center:  It can be a little overwhelming, take your time and look around.  Below I am going to hit on some highlights, but it is a good idea to look around and get familiar with everything. You can keep this as a reference, refer back to it as you discover new things. 

When you are on your dashboard across the top you will see:

  Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Community

 ~  Across the top bar of the Dashboard you will see 7 tabs:  ~ 

 Search Bar;  Airplane;  3 people;  Globe;  Envelope;  Pen;  Rank;  Profile Picture 

  • The Search Bar:  
    • Search for a member, lessons, discussions, training, other topics you would like to learn more about. 
    • Ask questions;  post a discussion, blog, article, or post for feedback.
    • Start a Discussion and other members will respond to you.
  • Airplane:  it has information on the Affiliate program.. Across the top, you will see 6 tabs:    Program Details;  My Stats; My Referrals; Links & Tracking; Messages; and Banners.
    • Program Details; 
      • Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference
      • Earn Revenue by Referring People to Wealthy Affiliate
      • The Best Affiliate Training in the World
      • How Much Can you Earn?
    • My Stats
      • Full Stats
      • Stats In Last 30 Days
      • Revenue In Last 30 Days
      • Entrance Details
      • Manage Credits
      • Cash Out Credits
    • My Referrals
      • A list of people you invited to WA, and those that are Premium
    • Links & Tracking  
      • WA Affiliate Links
      • Site Rubix Affiliate Links
      • Site Rubix Website Plugin
    •   Messages 
      • Referral Auto Messages 
    •   Banners
      • Promotional Banners 
  •  Silhouette of 3 people:  Information on your Network, across the top you will see 5 tabs:  My Profile;  My Blog;  Private Messages ( PM);  My Network; and Training. 
    •   My Profile
    •   My Blog
    •   Private Messages
    •   My Network
    •   Training

Then there are two blue tabs:  Which show who you are following and the other one shows who is  following  you.  This is a great way to build your personal Network,  just click on the  “Follow Me”  button anywhere on the site to add members to your Network.  I recommend checking  your  profile page frequently, many members will leave you a comment thanking you for following them, you  should send a reply.

  • Globe:  Information on Notifications.
  • Envelope:    Private Messages  (PM) Personal Messages ( PM) from other members.  To open your mail click on Messages, the envelope will be red when you have a new message, this will open up your personal message area where you send and receive PM’s.  
  • Pen:   Create New Training; Write New Blog; and Build New Website.  
  • Rank:  ” My Ranking and Statistics” page, where you can see your activity. This number will change, depending on several factors.
  • Your Profile Picture:  My Profile;  Account Settings; and Log out. 


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