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~~  On the left side you will see 5 buttons  ~~ 

                Dashboard;  Get Started Here;  Live Chat;   Build My Website;   Affiliate Bootcamp.


ACTIVITY DASHBOARD:  The main control center: 


GET STARTED HEREE:  This is the main button to the training;  It will keep track of your progress. 

  This is where you START !  

Online Entrepreneur Certification:   Take a look around:  Getting Started (Level 1)

  • A 10-lesson course, part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification.
  • It will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue.
  • This getting started course (level 1) is your first step to realizing your potential as an online business owner.

        *  Important:  Follow the training, do the tasks, don’t rush, or skip ahead.

The number one reason most people get lost, confused, frustrated here is because they don’t take the time to follow the training, to learn each lesson, do the tasks before they are jumping to the next one.  If you get lost or confused…. stop, take a breathe and go BACK to the training.



You can keep the live chat open on the right side of your dashboard, or click “full view” and make it larger.  I love the chat. A Warning ~  it can be addictive. You have to be careful not to get lost in the there. It is a great place to ask questions,  get feedback,  support and encouragement.  It’s also a great place to take break and just hang out with other members.  I have learned a lot there, had some good conversations, and lots of laughs. More information later in the walkthrough. 



      This take you to the ‘dashboard’ for your sites, on the top bar are 4 tabs: 

      Websites;   Domains;   Email;   Support Ticket

  • Websites:  Website Name;  Admin Log In;  Action
  • Domains:   “Point a domain you own to WA” (Training); My Domains
  • Email:  “My Email Accounts” (New Email, New Forward) 
  • Support Ticket:  “My Hosting Support Ticket” 

       “Build a new website”:  I suggest focusing on ONE website when your just starting out. 

Domain Name Settings:   See training:   Setting Up Your Domain DNS  This is a                     common question, and a great topic to use the search bar for…. type in “domain”. One of the training’s takes you through step by step Transferring your siterubix website to your domain.   Follow the lesson  STEP BY STEP,  if it doesn’t work, step back, take a break, try again from the beginning.  The few times that it hasn’t worked,  it turned out that they had skipped a step or rushed through he training.  

        My Websites:  Here you will find a list of your websites with information and detail.                            *  Warning:  don’t  change your URL,  Username or your Password… 

    •  Website Name:  ( your website name).
    •  Admin Log  In:  Click on website link, and it takes you to your website’s dashboard.
      • Here is where you will build, publish, edit… your website ( Using WordPress).
    •  Action:  Details / Move/ Delete  Details gives information about your site  including:  Access details :   These will be filled out with your information, for you website.  A lot of  people try and change their URL,  Username,  and Password and end up breaking their site. 
      • Domain Name:  (your URL)
      • Administration Page:  (your URL/wp-admin)
      • Admin Username:  admin (do not change this )
      • Admin Password:  ( your password from “access details “) do not change this 
      • FTP Username: (your username)
      • FTP Password:  (your password)

                      Installed Website Functionality & Options:  

                      Website Performance & Security Options: 



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