Jan 012014

~~  In the middle you’ll see 4 tabs  ~~

 Activity Dashoboard;   Classrooms;   Top 10;   My Notification

  •  Activity: Recent Posts, Blogs, Discussions, Questions…from other members. The search bar is a great tool to search for information;  post something;  start a discussion;  ask a question!
  • Classrooms:  Check out all the classrooms. 
  • Top 10 :  Recent Top 10 Most Popular Blogs and Training.
  • Notifications:  The number in the green box tells you how many notifications you have: You can  set up your email notifications in “Account Settings”, scroll down to Email Notification Settings. 


There is so much great information that is it easy to get side-tracked and lose focus.  There are so many training’s, articles, blogs, discussions, and questions…that it is easy to wander off and spend hours looking at them all…  Stay Focused, if you see something that you are interested in looking at.. bookmark it for later.  

When you are just getting started it is best to focus on getting your feet wet and getting your bearings… The best way to get started is clicking on the “GET STARTED HERE” button. And follow the lessons step by step, do all the tasks, participate in the discussions, and stay focused!



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