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How to restore deleted or lost pages or posts in WordPress


Okay, fist take a deep breath, all may not be lost. There are ways to restore deleted, lost and missing pages or posts.

There is an auto-save function in WordPress that saves your work… I recommend  “Updating” it yourself  frequently as well.  

Sometimes we get caught up in writing or adding images, and we don’t save our work, as we go.  This is probably the time when something goes wrong, i.e there is a freak power outage or a browser crashes.  If you save your work as you go, you have a better chance of not losing it all.

  * Save your work as you go, click  the “UPDATE” button often.



   Check the Trash:

Even if you don’t think you deleted it, check in the trash if you can’t find a page or post you were working on.

In the main menu on the left, click on “PAGE” or “POST” (whichever you are trying to restore).



Click on TRASH and you can restore your page or post from there.

 You can either RESTORE  it or PERMANENTLY DELETE it. 


    * If you have a page or post that shows a number after it in your permalinks:

For example, I had a post where the permalink kept saying  “Wealthy Affiliate Review 3” it was driving me nuts, I couldn’t get the 3 out of there no matter how many times I tried.

It was because I had  more than one page or post with that name, and although I deleted the other posts, I didn’t PERMANENTLY DELETE them.  When I did that the 3 finally went away and the permalink was fixed.



If you made a MISTAKE and want to go back to an older version of your page or post, look at the right side for the “publish box”.

Click the Browse link next to Revisions:

Compare Revisions ( the title of the page or post you are working on) appears at the top of the box.


The revisions for this post ” How to restore deleted, lost pages and posts in WordPress”.

The Red arrow shows “Previous” and “Next” buttons 

The Purple allow you to Compare any two revisions

The Orange arrow shows the “current revision” and the second arrow shows “Restore This Revision” 

The Blue arrow allows you to use the Slide Scale to go back and forth and view revisions, from minutes to months. 

Click on “Restore This Revision” to go to the revision you chose, or if you want to keep the version you are on click on the ” Return to post editor”.




Your working on a post or page and you have to leave it,  and when you come back you can’t find it!  Don’t panic it is probably stored in your DRAFTS.

Click on page or post on the main menu on the left, and look for “Drafts”.

When you find the draft PUBLISH it.

You can either set it to PRIVATE or PUBLIC:

If you are still writing it or if you decide you need to go back and fix something or tweak it, you can save it as PRIVATE, and no one will see it. 

When you are ready for others to view it on your site, change the visibility to PUBLIC.

* Draft and the Private pages and posts will not show up on your site until you make them PUBLIC.


  To change from Private to Public, click on the Edit link  next to Visibility.



Click on “Public” and then “Ok” and “Update”, now you will be able to see the page or post in your website.

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