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Word Press can be a little trying at times,  especially if you are new to all of this.

Here are a couple of basic tricks and tools I have found along the way, that might help you. 

Some things depend on what theme you are using…





      Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started (Level 1) 



       Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website (Level 2)



   How to schedule posts in WordPress:



Is a  great resource to get answers to your questions,  find tutorials,  blogs and more.


  Frequently Asked Questions:       

In the next section I will go over some FAQ’s:

    •  How to change font size and color
    •  How to get more editor options 
    •  How to make a link
    •  How to add an image
    •  Adding Next Page
    •  Adding Read More
    •  Backing Up Your Website 


Change font size and color:  You need to make sure your tool editor is open, and that you have your “Kitchen Sink” open. 

 To check,  look at the bar below  The button circled in RED is the KITCHEN SINK button, make sure you click this to see the other tools ( my toolbar also has TinyMCE, that’s why it has a lot more tools).   

Screenshot of Kitchen Sink


Get  more editor options:  

 To make a LINK:   Highlight the text you want to link, click the link button,  Screen Shot Link and Unlink

to un-clink the broken link on the right   

If you want something  as a text link  ( for example: ” Ultimate TinyMCE Plugin”  training above is a text link.   Highlight, right click your mouse, click “copy” the URL, then highlight the text, then click the link button. Next, when the pop-up opens,  you will right click in bar for the URL and click “paste ” , you have the option of clicking the box below to  ” open link in new window or tab” you should click this so when your visitor clicks the link it opens a new window, and its easier for them get back to the page they were on. 

 T0 add an IMAGE: 

Download the image to your computer, then  go to the page or post … use the ADD MEDIA BUTTON,  to insert the image where you want it.  You can change the size of the image; move it left, right, center,  by clicking on the left-hand corner, a small image and a red circle with a line through it will pop up.  Click on the image to make changes, and the red circle to delete.


      •  Intro
      • Centering Ads In A  Post 
      • Centering Ads In A  Widget
      • Summary



Adding “NEXT PAGE”  (Insert Page Break ).       Screen shot next page     on your toolbar.  You can use this to make the “NEXT PAGE”  links we see in Kyle’s Videos. Good for breaking up long blocks of text. I like to give a short index of the pages and what will be on them to help my readers navigate. 


 Adding “READ MORE ” (Insert More Tag):   screen shot of read more      Make  sure you are in the TEXT TAB, not the visual tab when you are inserting the “read more.   Then you need to go to your HOME PAGE to see it  if you are using a Blog Roll. 

*   IT’S IMPORTANT TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT TAB ~  VISUAL / TEXT. It can be the small things that drive you crazy when you are first learning WordPress and working with your site. 

THEMES:  I recommend searching for a “Responsive” theme so that other devices like phones, I pads can see your site good. What theme you use is up to you, search through WordPress and try a couple, don’t get stuck on the details though.  As you develop your site you will most likely want to change  it anyway. Don’t waste too much time on picking one, CONCENTRATE on following the lessons, and doing the tasks ~ CONTENT IS KEY! 

You are not stuck with the theme you have,  you can change it anytime, always BACKUP up your site before you change your theme/ or do any updates. 

BACKING UP YOUR SITE:   I would recommend  BACKING UP your site regularly and  before doing any updates / or changing themes, adding plugins…  






MORE TO COME  . . .   

EMAIL ME ANY QUESTIONS/ CONCERNS, I’M HERE TO HELP YOU !   kerri@createuronlinebiz.com    

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