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 Using headings in your pages and posts


Headers are important for both your readers and for google.


Is it enough to just bold your text?


The quick and easy answer is no.  When you make a sentence bold, italic, or a larger font, you are only making it look pretty, and Google ignores them because they are cosmetic.



When you want something to stand out, use an “H” tag to let the search engine know that this “H” (header) is worth paying attention to. 


How do I put Headings in?

When you first start a page or post, you write the title in the “title box” at the top of the page. 



I copy the title from the title box and paste it in the top of the page or post, then click on the “Paragraph” this will open up a new box that has “paragraph, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 “

For the title, you want to use the H1 tag. 


In the example below I am using TinyMCE ( your’s might look a little different depending on what Editor you are using)

Note:  when you use a Header, you DO NOT add a font size.


If you’re not using H tags yet:


Review your pages and post, and add H tags to the pertinent points on each page, don’t  overuse them.

Make sure:

  1. they are utilized correctly
  2. they are relevant
  3. they add to the site
  4. they help the site in terms of ranking



You don’t need to know HTML to add heading tags to your site with WA, but if you’re interested in learning      more check out this link to


Here are some tutorials you may want to check out:





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