Are you tired of getting scammed, schemed and taken online?

I have been there, done that, and that is why I created this blog to help you avoid the scammer’s and succeed online.


RED FLAG:   Things that stick out, and give you  a “Scam Alert”


1.    Nothing but a video:   If  you go to a website with just a video on its sales page, close it and walk away as soon as you can.  This is a good sign that the product is going to be a scam.  They want you to sit through their sales pitch, but can’t even be bothered to provide you with informative content. That is a “Red Flag”.

2.   No contact information:    If you can’t find information about who they are and an easy way to contact them on their website or their sales page, how are you going to get any support, or help from them? If you try and contact them and don’t get a response, that is another “Red Flag”,   a sign of things to come and your better off not doing business with them.

3.   No  support:   The same goes for support  if you can’t find any way to get help how are you going to reach them when you have a problem?  

If there is no easy and clear way to contact them, that is as much of a “Red Flag” as not being able to find out who they are, and how to contact them. 

If they are legitimate  and care about their customer they will provide you with a  way to contact them with any questions/ comments or assistance that you may need.  One way to do this is to send them an email, if you don’t get a response within a reasonable time ( usually within 48 hours) then I would steer clear of them.

4 .  Constant up – sells:  An up-sell is when you buy, then they try to make you buy again, and again, … and that is likely just the start.

A  couple of the more common scams are  the  “low ticket”  ( a $ 9.99 product) initial sale,  and the so-called “FREE”  product . . . as soon as you buy it or click to get your free product then you are surrounded by more up-sells, down-sells, and sideways-sells… before you know it you are being offered $100 ‘s or even $1,0000’s of dollars of ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS that you NEED to BUY to COMPLETE THE PROGRAM.   If they start with the up-sells, you should think “Red Flag”  get out as soon as you can.

5.  Outrageous claims of success:   Overnight success is not possible,  and any claims of  $1,000’s of dollars in a month is a definite “Red Flag”

6.   Fake or Scammy Pictures:     One of my biggest” Red Flag ” Warning’s …are the fake and spammy pictures of the mansions, expensive cars, generic men and women, beautiful beaches with lounge chairs and umbrellas, and stacks of money.  To me they scream “scam”, and I click off as soon as I see them.

Keep in mind:    

1)  If something is “FREE” then they should not require your credit card information,  your email should be enough.  

2)   A  ‘ Free Trial’, may require your credit card information, and that is okay… BUT be sure to write down the date that it expires, and to be safe ~ cancel it a day or two BEFORE to make sure your credit card is not automatically charged.  


  Don’t give up:  

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  Let’s  help keep each other safe.

If you have any suggestions, comments, or information to add on how to avoid scams online leave me a note below.


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EMAIL ME ANY QUESTIONS/ CONCERNS, I’M HERE TO HELP YOU ! kerri@createuronlinebiz.com    

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