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Wealthy Affiliate Links, Banners, and SiteRubix Plugins


Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy –  to add affiliate links, banners, and SiteRubix plugins into your site. 



To get started click on the Airplane Icon, located above the “live chat”, on the right side of your main page

– Or you can look under the main menu, under the AFFILIATE PROGRAM heading and click on the $WA Affiliate Program link

Both will take you to your “share” page where you will find your affiliate link, bannersand plugins.  


At the top of the page is the main toolbar


You will be using the “Program Details”, “Links & Tracking” and the “Banner” buttons in the main toolbar to get your affiliate links, banners, and SiteRubix plugin.



* your id will be different than the one shown, the part after the ? will be your unique id, in the example above mine is    



You can use any of the four links to promote WA.

 The main link:





Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy to add banners, just copy and paste the code in the “Text” tab of your page or post.

There are 22 to choose from, here some of the ones that I use on my site.


Scroll through and find a banner you like, below each banner you have the option to add it using the Direct Link, Html Code, or Direct Download:

For example, 

You want to add a banner into a post using the HTML Code. You would go to either the Airplane icon or the  $WA Affiliate link to the share page and click on “Banner”

Then you would find the banner that you want to add.

Copy the HTML Code in the box

( left click your mouse from the beginning  of the code and drag your mouse to the end of the code – highlight it ) and then left click the mouse and click “copy”)

Then go to your page or post and click on the “TEXT TAB” 

Find the spot where you want your banner to go, left click the spot then right click  “Paste”

The code for the banner will show up in the spot where you put your cursor

<a href=””><img src=”” border=”0″ /></a>

Click on the “VISUAL” tab  to see the banner





The steps are the same as putting a banner on your page or post. 

* Click on Update and Preview to see the plugin in your site.


  * Always click on your links, banners and plugins to make sure they are working correctly.


How to edit an image:

* To see the image you just added  click on the “VISUAL TAB”

More often than not you are going to want to change where the image is and or the size of the image on your page or post.

To edit the image you added “left'” click on the image and a small toolbar will open

Use the boxes to align the image:

align left

align center

align right

no alignment

Use the pencil to edit the image:


 Use the “X” to delete the image:

When you are done click “UPDATE” to save the changes.

~  If you are having a problem adding affiliate Links, Banners, or  the SiteRubix Plugins jump in and ask for help,  Wealthy Affiliate has training, tutorials, blogs, a live chat, and an activity board where you can ask a question



 Affiliate Bootcamp


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