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It actually holds a lot of information that will help you with Wealthy Affiliate.





 This shows you your affiliate information,

        *  There is a lot of information in this little ICON,  here is a quick overview.

At the top of the page, you can find your AFFILIATE LINK ( your unique number will be where I have blurred mine out)




     Under the Program detail tab:

  • Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference
  • Earn Revenue by Referring People to Wealthy Affiliate
  • The Best Affiliate Training in the World
  • How Much Can you Earn?

     Under the My Stats tab:

  • Overview
  • Detailed Stats
  • My Revenue
  • Referral Entrance Details
  • Payment Settings

    Under the My Referrals tab:

  • People who you have invited to WA

    Under the Links and Tracking tab:

  • Your WA Affiliate Links
  • Wealthy Affiliate Comparison Tables
  • Site Rubix Website Plugin
  • PPC Conversion Tracking

      Under the Messages tab:

  • Gives you messages you can use to send your referrals
  • Including: Welcome, Follow-ups, and Welcome to premium

      Under the Banners tab:

  • Promotional Banners you can use to promote wealthy affiliate.
  • Your affiliate is already embedded in the code.



This shows you your network,

You can see how many members you are following and how many are following you.

* To follow someone just click on the green “FOLLOW” button you see next to members names.

I do this naturally if I see someone’s comment, questions, blog etc, that I like I follow them. And I also try and keep up with messages in my profile that people leave for me.

It’s a good way to network, but it is not something you need to worry about, just click “FOLLOW” as you go about your business.

*  You can also access your  Profile,  Blog,  Questions you have asked,  Private Messages and Training’s you have made from here.


  This shows your notifications,

         It turns green and shows how many you have.

“View unread”  will let  you change the options of “View all” and “View read”

“Change Options” You can edit what you get notified about in the drop down menu you can un-click the notifications you do not want to get.

“Actions” lets you choose between “Mark as read” and “Remove me from discussion”



This shows you “Private Messages”  

         A private message (PM) when you are premium.

 The box turns red when you have mail.


Here you can 


“Create New Training”:

“Write New Blog”:  

“Build New Website”:

Ask Question”:



This is your Wealthy Affiliate Rank.

At the top of the page you will see ” My Ranking & Statistics” , And it breaks down into categories:  ” Helper Rank”, “Creator Rank”, “Activity Rank” and “Member Rank” .

In my opinion: I would not  worry about the rank,  I would concentrate on the lesson and building your site.  It is basically a measure of how active you are in the community. But if you are interested, you can look at the charts and see where you are in them.



Your profile picture

Yours will be whatever you uploaded to your profile when you joined.

This is like your HOME PAGE where you tell people a little bit about yourself.


 My Profile:

*  You can Edit your profile by clicking the “Actions” button

* Get your affiliate link by clicking on the “Affiliate” button

*  Build your network by following people, click “refresh” to get more

*  Reply to members who have left a message for you 

*   Add another image

*   View  the blogs that you made

*  View the Training that you created

*  Add and Manage you websites

Account Settings:

This is where you go to manage your Wealthy Affiliate:

* General Settings:  Your name, username, password, time zone, Google + profile, Jaaxy       affiliate link ( this is where you can edit/ change these settings)

* Subscription Settings: Billing and membership details (where you can change your        billing / membership/ cancel your account)

* Account Setup Progress:  This shows the two tasks to complete ” add a profile (about me description), and add a profile image.

* Email Notification Settings:  This is where you manage the emails from WA. You can say  “yes” or “no” at the top. Below you can leave the ones you want to receive CHECKED  and you can UN-CHECK the ones you do not want to receive.


  System Tour:  Takes you on a very quick guide, with tips and hints.


  Logout:  This will log you out of  Wealthy Affiliate 


I hope this quick walkthrough helped explain the toolbar on the right,  what the icons mean, and where you go to find the information you are looking for.

Here are some other blogs you may find helpful:




Not already a member?   …  Become a Wealthy Affiliate today!


Thanks for stopping by, let me know if I can help you with anything,



EMAIL ME ANY QUESTIONS/ CONCERNS, I’M HERE TO HELP YOU!   kerri@createuronlinebiz.com

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