Nov 192017


Work from home jobs for veterans 


First I want to thank you for your service.

This site is about reaching out to all Veterans past and present who are looking for a way to make money online…

Unfortunately, many veterans have a hard time finding a job when they get out of the military, or they can’t get a good job.  

Although working from home may not be something you thought of doing, I would like to take just a minute and show you a place that teaches you how to build your own online business.

No experience necessary:

You don’t need computer skills, or need to know how to build a website; you don’t even have to know what kind of business you want. 

Wealthy affiliate takes you step by step:  From the beginner who needs simple, easy to follow directions – to someone who already has a website, who needs help promoting it, getting traffic and sales.

Everyone can benefit from the training, tools, and support at Wealthy Affiliate. 



 Free Starter Membership ( $0.00) and no credit card needed!

You get 20 free lessons:

10 in the Get Started courses and 10 in the Bootcamp for FREE!  

And you get the tools and support for 7 days (including live chat, and access to the activity board where you can ask questions and get help). 


Amazing Support 

No more joining a program that gives you nothing, where you are bombarded with upsells, and false promises, and left to figure it out on your own. 

Kyle and Carson are in the front lines of WA, as co-owners they are not only two real people who are hands on, and available, they genuinely care about each and every member. They are very active and can be seen in the community, on Live Chat, they respond to posts on the activity board, they respond to PM, and they create a top notch, very reliable and very knowledgeable support team that you can contact 24/7 and get an answer.

The Community:  Is like nothing you have ever seen. There is no place else where you are going to find a community of like-minded people who are willing and able to help you along your journey.  When you have a question, or a problem there are several ways to get help. Reach out to the community and you will find people who genuinely care about you and your success…… we all help, support and encourage each other.

Live Chat:  Members come from all over the world, you can jump on live chat anytime day or night when you have a question, need help, or just want to say hello and meet other members.  It is real time and real people.

Activity Board: Is a place where you can ask a question, and the whole community will see it on the board and be able to help you. 

PM: Private messaging, is available to premium members and allows you to send a message to another premium member.

Wa Support: The Wealthy Affiliate support team is amazing, I have only had a few occasions to need them, and have had nothing but good experiences with them.

One time I had an issue with my editor while I was working on my website. I send in a support ticket and they had it fixed TEN MINUTES! I am not kidding, at the time I was on Live Chat waiting and saw Kyle as I was asking him about it, I got a PM that the issue had been resolved – and it was.


I am here to help you! 

Thank you again for your service.


Thanks for stopping by, 



Start your journey today! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain:


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